3D Lipo Has Proven To Be A Popular And Successful Non-Invasive Therapy

3d lipo

A brief note on the 3D Lipo treatment

Although “fat freezing” is a common misconception about 3D lipo, it offers much more! In reality, it combines four technologies into a single, thorough therapy. An alternative to conventional liposuction is 3D lipo.

3D lipo has proven to be a popular and successful non-invasive therapy by integrating many procedures into a single treatment session. The final goal is to tighten your skin, lose fat, and decrease cellulite.

How is 3D Lipo treatment Processed?

  • Patients say the procedure is comparatively painless because it is non-invasive and hence doesn’t require anaesthesia! Several body parts, including your abdomen, legs, and buttocks, are candidates for 3D lipo therapy.
  • Many patients want to get rid of flabby arms, muffin tops, or other areas commonly referred to as love handles. Others want to focus on cellulite-prone areas.
  • Targeted and destroyed fat cells are achieved with low-frequency ultrasound. Cavitation is the name of this technique. Additionally, cryolipolysis, or fat freezing, is used in 3D lipo. This procedure targets surface fat cells and freezes the water within them, causing the cells to rupture naturally.
  • Using radiofrequency, which uses low-level heatwaves to stimulate new collagen formation and compress existing collagen, skin can be tightened. The final component of 3D lipo is dermatology, which uses suction and roller technology to improve lymphatic and blood flow.

Some tips for Special Patients

Patients with diabetes, cardiac issues, epilepsy, or other immune or heart conditions shouldn’t get 3D lipo. For the health of both the mother and the unborn child, pregnant women or nursing should also avoid 3D lipo treatments.

Avoid consuming caffeine or alcohol the day of your visit to prepare for your treatment session, and make sure you drink plenty of water all day.

Sessions for 3D lipo usually last an hour or so. After six to eight sessions, most patients get their best results.

What precautions should you take after the treatment?

Your skin will feel rejuvenated, firmer, and tighter following your 3D Lipo procedure. After undergoing 3D lipo, our patients report observable benefits and gradual weight loss.

To keep your results at their best, we advise scheduling yearly “top-off” 3D lipo procedures. Naturally, your outcomes and the duration of your results will depend on your food, exercise routine, and lifestyle.

The treatment area may experience numbness, redness, bruising, or moderate discomfort as potential side effects, which are often mild. Positive effects are typically more noticeable as time passes and your body removes the damaged fat cells.

How many procedures are required for 3D Lipo treatment?

Depending on the size of the head being used and the number of regions being treated, one treatment might take anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes.

Depending on whether shockwave therapy is included in the treatment, additional treatments may be administered anywhere between six weeks and three months after the first one.

Why is shockwave therapy used for 3D Lipo treatment?

Shockwave therapy from RejuvaMed has many applications, including treating cellulite, skin tightening, and enhancing lymphatic drainage to quicken the effects of other procedures.

Fat cells may contract and become porous as a result of mechanical actions. Additionally, it strengthens and softens connective tissue, which aids in minimising the appearance of cellulite.

Shockwave uses the body’s natural ability to heal following shockwave trauma by stimulating blood flow and enlarging already-existing blood vessels. As a result, the treated area’s cellular regeneration will be considerably healthier. This impact promotes the growth of new cells.

Combining these four programmes, 3D Lipo can target pockets of resistant fat, extra skin, and a cellulite-like look to create an all-in-one fat reduction therapy that gives you a figure that is trim, smooth, and ready to flaunt.

What are the side effects of 3D Lipo treatment?

You may feel a tiny pulling sensation during the procedure and a change in temperature, but within a few minutes, the region will become numb. Following a 3D-fat freeze procedure, a few small adverse effects are possible but will pass soon. These include:

– Minimal bruising may arise up to 10 days after treatment; Minimal redness and swelling may occur immediately after treatment;

– Minimal discomfort in the treatment region for up to 2 weeks after treatment.


What result should you expect from 3D Lipo Treatment?

Results will become apparent after around 8 to 12 weeks because it takes the body many months to clean out the dead fat cells. With a good diet, frequent exercise, and drinking lots of water, shockwave therapy can accelerate this process.

What is the cost of 3D Lipo treatment?

For a one-hour session on one region, the 3D-lipo fat freeze treatment costs £110.00 The fee is £220.00 if two locations are treated in one session.

An additional £30.00 is charged if shockwave therapy is also used. Search Skin clinics near me to learn about skin treatment nearby your area.