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Every month, more than Thousands of users, including you, benefit from the expert-created, real-world technological content that Techwires offers.

You don’t live and breathe technology, but you do rely on it on a daily basis and want it to function properly. Ultimately, we want to assist you in making the most of the technology in your life.

Donald Moore -  Freelance Writer

Currently, we have highly experienced amazing technology professionals working together to produce technology updates and trending insight about, product advice, and how-to articles that you can trust. These professionals include authors, educators, software developers, speakers, and other professionals from a variety of fields, as well as consultants and tech support agents.

Sara Lawnson - Freelance Writer
Sara Lawnson – Freelance Writer

Using our growing library of more than 20,000 pieces of content, which has been created and refined over the course of two decades, you can better understand what’s going on in the world of technology, determine which products you need to be a part of it, and then learn how to make it all work — all without the pretentiousness and confusing jargon you’ll find on other sites.

According to Comscore, a renowned Internet measuring organization, Lifewire is a top-10 technology news and information site, and the company has been recognized with many Communicator Awards for its work.


Writers for Us

Our writers have a great deal of hands-on expertise with the technology they write about. They are thought leaders in their fields, whether they are giving speeches, producing technological videos or podcasts, developing apps and software, or teaching seminars on their subjects.

The vast majority of our authors have advanced degrees in their fields.

Edwardn Carl - Donald Moore -  Freelance Editor
Edwardn Carl – Donald Moore – Freelance Editor

Apart from being specialists, they are also real people who use the technology that they write about and are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with you.


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