Advantages of Installing Solar Panels

Solar Panel Lahore

Now that you’ve learned how solar panels work and how to recognize their capacity, let’s think about installing solar power. What are the benefits of actually implementing it? Here are seven key benefits.

Can Reduce Utility Costs

If you use the electricity generated by the Solar companies in Pakistan for your own consumption, you can reduce your electricity bill by not purchasing it from the power company. In addition, you can check the amount of electricity generated and consumed on the monitor, and you can sell the surplus electricity, so you can expect the effect of increasing your awareness of saving electricity and reducing the amount of electricity you use.

Furthermore, if you make your home all-electric, you will be able to cover the parts that used to use gas with the generated electricity, which will lead to a reduction in gas costs.

It can Contribute to the Protection of the Global Environment.

The energy generated by photovoltaic power generation is a renewable energy that can be used repeatedly without worrying about resource depletion. Renewable energy includes wind power generation and biomass power generation, but the introduction of solar power generation is progressing in Japan.

It should also be remembered that solar panels do not emit CO2 when generating electricity. CO2 is one of the causes of global warming, and there is a need to reduce emissions in countries around the world. The Paris Agreement presents specific reduction targets, and it can be said that the use of renewable energy is attracting worldwide attention. Solar power generation is a contribution to solving environmental problems on a global scale that can be incorporated even in households.

Can be Used During Disasters and Power Outages

Due to the frequent occurrence of disasters and the resulting power outages, the importance of residential solar power generation in the event of a disaster is attracting attention. The government is currently promoting the introduction of residential solar power generation and storage batteries, such as by conducting fact-finding surveys.

Residential photovoltaic power generation equipment can switch to power consumption from a dedicated outlet for independent operation in the event of a power outage. This allows you to use the electricity generated by the solar panel during the day for your home appliances.

Surplus Electricity can Be Sold

In the case of residential solar power generation, surplus energy other than self-consumed energy generated by solar panels can be sold to electric power companies as surplus electricity sales. You can reduce your monthly electricity bill by self-consumption of the generated electricity, and you can also earn income from selling surplus electricity every month.

When selling electricity generated by a solar power generation system to an electric power company, the fixed price purchase system (FIT system) is a mechanism that allows electricity to be sold at a fixed price for a certain period of time after a new installation. Currently, residential solar panels under 10 kW must be purchased at a fixed price for 10 years, and industrial solar panels over 10 kW at a fixed price for 20 years. For residential use (less than 10 kW), it will be 17 yen in 2022.

Long Life and Easy Maintenance

A solar panel is a device with few failures. It can be used for more than 30 years as a service life. In fact, there are cases where a certain level of performance is maintained even after more than 30 years have passed since installation.

Furthermore, recent solar panels are expected to be dirt- and dust-resistant to some extent, and have been devised to prevent dust and dirt from sticking to them. Regular inspections are necessary, but routine maintenance is not necessary.

Can be Installed in Various Locations

There are many different places where solar panels can be installed. Residential roofs are typical, but it can also be installed on the ground, on the water surface, on the roofs of large buildings such as factories and warehouses, and on carport roofs such as parking spaces. Some companies and local governments are trying to earn income from selling electricity by utilizing idle land, and it can be said that it is also attracting attention as a way to utilize land.

In some cases, solar panels are installed on farmland, and solar sharing is carried out by cultivating crops that do not require much sunlight under them.

Electricity tariff plans for solar power users only

If you choose an electricity rate plan dedicated to solar power generation users, such as a plan that lowers the unit price of electricity by purchasing electricity from a power supplier, you can save even more on your electricity bill.

When installing Solar Panel Lahore, choose an electricity rate plan that suits your home and make the most of the benefits.

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