All You Need To Know About Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

bona hardwood floor cleaner

Hardwood floors are a classic, strong pick for the good explanation; they’re sturdy, beautiful, and timeless.

To keep them putting their best self forward, though, some upkeep is required, starting with cleaning.

You can’t utilize just any surface cleaner on hardwoods. Too much moisture causes them to twist and expand, while cruel chemicals can strip stains.

You’ll likewise want to try not to involve vinegar as it’s too acidic for hardwoods. Vacuuming is the best method for cleaning hardwood floors, but when you notice sticky spots and stuck-on buildup, it’s time to draw out the mop.

We tested a variety of bona hardwood floor cleaner that are gentle enough not to cause harm but tough enough to cut through dirt and grime.

Types of Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Contingent upon the type of mop you use to clean hardwood floors, choose from either a concentrated cleaner that can be diluted with water and added to a spray bottle or spray mop or chooses a spray cleaner that’s prepared to use with a dust mop or steam mop.

Concentrated cleaners give you all the more value for your money since they aren’t diluted.

They’re typically more eco-accommodating, too, since they require less packaging and last longer.

While a concentrated solution might be more costly upfront, you won’t need to replace it as frequently.

Spray cleaners are cheaper and more convenient but run out quicker. Within these categories of cleaners are natural and chemical options.

Families and pet proprietors might incline toward non-toxic solutions that are protected if accidentally ingested or breathed in, though commercial cleaners contain higher concentrations of chemicals and cleaning agents.

When utilized as directed, though, most floor cleaners are protected to use around children and pets.

We tested and explored a wide range of bona hardwood floor cleaner taking into account streaking, scent, effectiveness, convenience, client ratings, and price.

We likewise compared these store-bought cleaners to a hand-crafted Castille soap-based solution as a baseline test and found that in all cases, the store-bought cleaners worked better or as well as the Do-It-Yourself solution. Below are our top picks for the best hardwood floor cleaners.

What To Consider While Looking For A Carpet Cleaner

Portable versus Upright: If you intend to utilize a carpet cleaner consistently and most of your house is carpeted, then an upright cleaner, while pricier and bulkier, will be your best option. Upright machines, similar to vacuums, have bigger tank sizes and more power. However, they’re likewise noisier and more off-kilter to use than a more modest machine. If you just have to treat occasional stains on rugs and furniture (or even in the car), then a portable machine will be plenty.

Weight: Remember that the weight of the machine will increase as the tank loads up with dirty water which makes it more difficult to carry all over the stairs and through the house. However, in our testing, we didn’t notice a difference in maneuverability on flat surfaces when the dirty tank became full.

Accessories: Extra tools, similar to a brush and crevice attachment, come with most upright models which are helpful for profound cleaning corners, cushions, and car seats.

Drying Time: Drying time will fluctuate contingent on how thick your carpet or rug is and how long you cleaned it. For the most part, though, expect to wait a couple of hours for the surface to be sufficiently dry to sit or stroll on.

Cleaning Solution Features: A few machines pre-blend cleaning solutions in the tank and afterward siphon it into the carpet as you push. Others have a trigger to release the solution as you clean. We incline toward machines that blend the solution for you.

Maintenance: To the extent that maintenance, you’ll have to wash out the dirty water tanks and eliminate dog hair or rug fibers from the brush after use. Our testers favored machines with a brush cover that pops off (easy to assemble) for simple access to the brush.

Best Spray: Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Protected to use on incomplete, unwaxed floors and around children and pets, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner tackles ordinary grime with ease.

Our tester appreciated the without-scent recipe and how the simple to-utilize spout uniformly distributed the cleaner over the floor.

Utilizing a dust mop with a microfiber cushion, we eliminated footprints, mud, food spills, and scuffs.

Since it comes as a prepared-to-utilize spray, no diluting is necessary, making for quick and simple cleanup.

Best Concentrate: Aunt Fannie’s Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Economical, eco-accommodating, youngster and pet-safe, and pleasantly scented, Aunt Fannie’s Hardwood Floor Cleaner concentrate got top imprints from our tester and in web-based audits.

The solution must be diluted with water before utilization which requires a little math but likewise permits you to go in the middle between purchases.

We appreciate that this bona hardwood floor cleaner is sans vinegar, in contrast to the brand’s other floor cleaner, since vinegar can dull a hardwood floor’s completion.

Best Natural: Bona Free and Basic Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Best for those with sensitivities or other sensitivities, bona hardwood floor cleanerBona’s Free and Basic spray cleaner doesn’t have any scents, colors, or other unforgiving chemicals.

It effectively eliminated dust, grime, and scuffs without much effort when our tester utilized it with both a microfiber dust mop and a steam mop.

We preferred how much surface region we could cover with just one spritz and didn’t notice any leftover buildup after cleaning.

Assuming that you want a safe, unscented, convenient recipe that likewise eliminates allergens, this is a great option.

Best for Enormous Regions: Vow Clean It Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner

For tough positions and enormous surface regions, Promise Gentle Wood bona hardwood floor cleaner gets the task finished.

A concentrated squirt-and-mop equation that doesn’t need dilution quickly covers the floor and a little goes quite far, especially when utilized with a sodden mop.

Our tester noted how quickly the solution dried (almost instantly) permitting her to quickly continue toward the next region.

Also, we didn’t have to scrub back and forth multiple times to get up grime. If you want a fast-acting, lightly scented, simple-to-store cleaner, this is a strong pick.

Best Multipurpose: Rejuvenate All Floor Cleaner

Cleaners that are specially formulated for hardwoods are wonderful, but assuming you have other types of flooring in your home, it is difficult or efficient to utilize two different cleaners.

We love that this bona hardwood floor cleaner spray option takes care of wrecks on hardwood, laminate, and tile. It effectively eliminated scuffs and dirt from our tester’s floor and, surprisingly, added some sparkle.

The application process is versatile also as the solution can be applied by pouring, spraying, or inserting into the brand’s mop.

Additionally, the pH-balanced and low VOC equation makes it alright for regular use.

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Best Scented: Everspring Wood Surface Cleaner

If you like Everspring’s Lemon and Mint scented products, you’ll cherish this bona hardwood floor cleaner. It leaves a light, reviving scent that causes the whole house to feel clean.

In addition to the smell, our tester appreciated that this cleaner likewise finishes floors and other wood surfaces, making it a great multipurpose item.

The spray spout is extremely simple to utilize and has both a stream and spray option.

We noticed that our floors had to a greater extent a matte completion rather than a sparkle, though, so not the best choice assuming that you favor a serious shine look.