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Just What We Expected! Apple's New AirPods Pro 2

Just What We Expected! Apple’s New AirPods Pro 2


AirPods Pro (2nd generation) will be available to order for $249 (US) beginning Friday, September 9 from apple.com/store and the Apple Store app in the US and over 50 other countries and regions, with in-store availability beginning Friday, September 23.

The third-generation AirPods with Lightning Charging Case are now available for $169. (US). AirPods (3rd generation) with MagSafe Charging Case can still be purchased for $179. (US).

AirPods (2nd generation), AirPods (3rd generation), and AirPods Pro (2nd generation) cases can now be engraved with Memoji for free in the Apple Store app. Utilize the Apple Store app for details regarding Memoji engraving.

Apple Music is free for six months for new subscribers who purchase AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max. Visit apple.com/promotion for complete details.

Use AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with an Apple device running the most recent operating system software for full functionality. In October, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura will support Personalized Spatial Audio profiles and Find My.



Regarding Apple

In 1984, with the introduction of the Macintosh, Apple revolutionized personal computing. Apple’s five software platforms — iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS — provide seamless experiences across all Apple devices and empower individuals with innovative services such as the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and iCloud.

More than 100,000 Apple employees are committed to creating the best products on the planet and leaving the world in a better state than when we arrived.

Spatial Audio is compatible with compatible content in apps that support it. Spatial Audio requires an iPhone with TrueDepth camera to create a personal profile, which will sync across Apple devices running the latest operating system software, including iOS, iPadOS (coming in October), macOS (coming in October), and tvOS.

5.5 hours of playback time when Spatial Audio is enabled.

Battery life varies depending on usage. See apple.com/batteries for more information.

AirPods Pro and the charging case are rated IPX4 as sweat- and water-resistant for non-water sports and exercise. The conditions of sweat and water resistance are not permanent.


Apple Breakthrough Audio

Apple’s new AirPods Pro 2 are a breakthrough in audio quality. They’re designed to provide clear sound playback even when you’re wearing them wirelessly, and they feature an advanced W1 chip for faster and more reliable connections. Overall, these are must-have headphones if you love listening to music!


How to buy the AirPods Pro?

Apple’s new AirPods Pro 2 are now available and they come in a variety of colors! If you’re in the market for earbuds that stay secure during workouts or performances, the AirPods Pro 2 are the perfect choice.

All you need to do is provide your fingerprint ID for security purposes, and that’s it! To buy them, simply head to Apple’s website and enter your purchase information. They’re designed for athletes and musicians who need earbuds that stay secure during workouts or performances.

How to buy the AirPods Pro?

So, if you’re an apple lover and are looking for the newest and best headphones out there, the AirPods Pro 2 are definitely worth a look!


Preorder at Apple

The AirPods Pro 2 are the new wireless earphones from Apple and if you want to be among the first to experience them, now is the time! Not only have they been revamped with a water-resistant build, but they come packed with a number of new features that make them so special.

So why not preorder your pair today and get ready for amazing sound quality and an interesting design that will make you stand out from the crowd?


Apple AirPods Pro 2 Price 

Price at launch: $249 / £249 / AU$399

Similar price in most countries to the MSRP of the previous model.

The AirPods Pro 2 cost $249 / £249 / AU$399, which is the same as the official price of the previous model (well, it’s £10 more in the UK) – though we should note that the previous model has been regularly available for as little as $199 / £179 / AU$319 over the past year or so.

Apple has undercut the recently released Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, which were priced at $299 / AU$429, with these headphones. Apple faces competition from both above and below, as the Jabra Elite 5 offers many of the same features for only $149 / AU$220.

We should also mention that the AirPods 3rd Generation cost $179 / AU$279, representing a significant price increase from the standard AirPods to the Pros.


Precise and Immersive Sound

Apple has just release their new AirPods Pro 2 headphones.

These headphones feature easy-to-use controls, a more comfortable design, and immersive sound for wireless listening. They are the perfect headphones for anyone who wants to take calls hands-free, without ever having to take their phone out of their pocket or bag.

The new AirPods Pro 2 also feature an updated design that is more comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time.

For a truly iOS 11 experience, the AirPods Pro 2 are essential in your arsenal this fall!


Convenient Features

Apple’s new AirPods Pro 2 are a must-have for anyone using an iPhone. Not only do they come with a new design, but they also have a number of convenient features.

For example, the updated charging case enables you to charge the earbuds up to 50 times, making them a life-saving accessory.

Additionally, the quick hands-free access to Siri lets you control your music without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket or purse. The earbuds are also easier to use – you no longer have to try and remove the earbuds! So if you’re an iPhone user, the new AirPods Pro 2 are a must-have accessory.


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Extended Battery Life

Tech lovers rejoice! The new AirPods Pro 2 have finally arrived! These wireless ear pods feature noise cancelling technology, an extended battery life of up to 24 hours, and a charging case with a lightning connector.

Apple AirPods Pro 2 Battery Life

In addition, the ear pods come with apple’s new W1 chip, which makes audio streaming and calls much smoother than ever before. Whether you’re a music lover, a phone lover, or both, the new AirPods Pro 2 are a must-have for your audio arsenal.


All-New Charging Case

Apple has just released their all new AirPods Pro 2. The new and improved AirPods Pro 2 come with an all-new charging case that makes charging a breeze!

The charging case works with both the new AirPods Pro 2 and your iPhone 8 or later. The battery lasts up to five hours, so you can take them on long walks without worrying about a depleted battery. The charging case is sleek and stylish, making it a true luxury item!


AirPods and the Environment

It’s no secret that Apple is a company that cares about the environment. In fact, the new AirPods Pro 2 are made with a biodegradable silicone and feature a new charging case that can charge up to five devices at once.

Not to mention, the earbuds themselves are made with a new design that reduces the amount of plastic waste created. All in all, these updates make AirPods better for the environment and your wallet too! So don’t wait any longer, start stocking up on these amazing earbuds today!


Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation): $249

Apple released their new AirPods Pro (2nd generation) which are more reliable and durable. The ear pods come in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect design for your style. Overall, these are some great improvements over the original AirPods!

If you’re looking to upgrade your audio experience, the new AirPods Pro (2nd generation) are definitely a great option.

AirPods Pro 2 key features


AirPods Pro 2 key features

Apple’s new AirPods Pro 2 have arrived and we’re excited about all the new features!

  • Firstly, they are louder and clearer than the original AirPods, so you can easily hear callers on your end.
  • Secondly, you no longer need a charging case – just charge them using Apple’s Lightning port or a charger provided by the phone itself!
  • Thirdly, the new AirPods Pro 2 feature an updated design that’s more comfortable to wear.
  • Fourthly, other key features of the AirPods Pro 2 include increased battery life and water resistance up to 5 feet for 30 minutes! So whether you’re on the go or just need an extra earpiece for a phone call, the new AirPods Pro 2 are the perfect option!


Key features of the AirPods Pro

Apple has finally released their new AirPods Pro, and we couldn’t be more excited! These wireless earbuds have been redesigned to improve sound quality and battery life.

Plus, the new design includes a seamless connection between the earbuds and your phone, so there’s no more frustrating “lost connection” issue.

In addition to sound quality, the AirPods Pro 2 are water resistant up to 50 meters, making them perfect for swimming or exercising.

Another key feature is the “Hey Siri” feature, which allows you to control audio playback hands-free.

Whether you’re an iPhone user who enjoys using headphones or not, the AirPods Pro 2 are a must-have!.


Fitness features for AirPods Pro 2:

There was a lot of speculation that Apple would add temperature sensors and other features to the AirPods Pro 2 to enhance the fitness capabilities of the Apple Watch, but nothing of this was mentioned.

The Apple Watch Series 8 was designed to accommodate all of that. Apart from the new smaller eartip potentially making them more secure for some people, there isn’t anything else that makes them better for fitness that we’ve seen so far.

With the exception of Beats Fit Pro, it appears that Apple’s remaining workout headphones are just called ‘Pro.’

Security features for AirPods Pro 2

  • UWB has the ability to pin point the location  of the case
  • Speaker on case also help to facilitates ear buds location
  • You can make individual buds make a noise

There are a variety of new AirPods Pro 2 features designed to prevent loss. Best of all is the case’s UWB support: ultra-wideband (UWB) is the technology used in Apple AirTags, which means your iPhone can literally point you in the direction of a lost object, indicating direction and distance if it’s nearby. So now you will know exactly which coat your AirPods were left in.

Or, if that does not work, you can use the new speaker in the case to make it emit a sound, allowing you to locate it in this manner.

It was previously possible to make the buds make a noise, but now you can choose which bud makes a noise, so if you’re only looking for the left one, you won’t be distracted by the noise from the right one.


AirPods Pro 2 (2022) Final Verdict

It’s still too early to tell how Apple’s latest AirPods Pro (2022) will compare with the original, but obviously we can take an educated guess. And of course, when we get our pair, we’ll be able to give you a complete review and in-depth comparison between the new AirPods Pro and the original AirPods Pro.

Improved sound quality, ANC, and battery life are, of course, big wins for any pair of earbuds, and while internal hardware upgrades aren’t particularly exciting, they’re almost always reliable ways to improve performance.

All told, at a glance, AirPods Pro (2022) are undoubtedly the AirPods Pro to get if you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds Apple can sell you, but the jury’s out on whether or not it’ll make sense for AirPods Pro owners to drop another £249 / $249 / AU$399 for the latest version.


Frequently Asked Questions



Why do people buy Apple Air Pods?

Some people buy Apple AirPods because of the updated models featuring double microphones which create a better sound quality when calling or streaming music.

They also have a unique design where the left side of the earbud contains sensors for controlling music playback, while the right side houses an Apple W1 chip for making calls. Lastly, AirPods are wireless earbuds that come in different colors, sizes and prices.


When did AirPods pros 2 come out?

The AirPods Pro 2 were officially released on September 24, 2018. They are available for purchase in the Apple Store and through a number of other retailers including Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Amazon.


Is AirPods Pro 2 or 3 better?

AirPods Pro 3 is better than AirPods Pro 2 because it has better noise cancellation and a longer battery life. Additionally, the charging case of AirPods Pro 3 is also detachable while that of AirPods Pro 2 is not.


What is the difference between AirPods Pro and 2?

The biggest difference between the AirPods Pro and the 2 is that the earbuds are now water resistant. This means you can use them while working out or swimming without having to worry about them getting wet.

The battery life of the AirPods Pro has been upgraded as well, now lasting up to 18 hours on a single charge. The range of the earbuds has also been increased to 10 meters, which is great for taking calls on the go.


Can you charge AirPods Pro with an Apple 20W charger?

Yes, you can charge AirPods Pro with an Apple 20W charger. The new AirPods Pros come with a wireless charging case that has the ability to recharge them wirelessly. If you want to use your own charger, make sure it is compatible with the Qi standard and has a voltage of 7V/1A or higher.


How do I charge and use the AirPods Pro 2?

To charge and use the AirPods Pro 2, just insert them into the charging case and it will start to charge. Once they are fully charged, you can open the lid of the charging case and put one AirPod in your ear. Then, you can control music playback, take calls, and reply to messages with a wave of your hand.


What are the new  Pro 2?

The new features of the Apple AirPods Pro 2 include a new wireless chip that is more powerful and allows for better audio quality.

In addition to this, an improved noise cancellation feature is also present which helps to block out external noise and make listening to music or audio easier.

Moreover, the battery life of the AirPods Pro 2 is increased up to 18 hours- which is great news if you are someone who likes to use headphones frequently. Lastly, the Water Resistance feature means that you can wear them while swimming or taking a shower without any worries.


Are there any other benefits to using the AirPods Pro 2 over traditional headphones?

There are many benefits to using the AirPods Pro 2 over traditional headphones. These headphones have a range of features that set them apart from other headphones on the market today.

One of the most notable benefits of the AirPods Pro 2 is their noise cancellation feature. This feature blocks out all external noises so that you can enjoy your music uninterrupted.

In addition, the adjustable ear tips make them fit comfortably for every head size and shape. Another benefit of the AirPods Pro 2 is their audio quality.

Compared to traditional headphones, the AirPods Pro 2 have better sound quality due to their noise cancellation feature and the use of Apple’s A13 chip.


Is there a better way to listen to music than through headphones?

There are many better ways to listen to music than through headphones, but the new AirPods Pro 2 by Apple are a fan favorite.

AirPods Pro 2 come with an updated noise cancellation feature that allows you to take phone calls without having to remove headphones. Additionally, they feature a brighter audio quality and faster charging so you can enjoy your music uninterrupted for longer periods of time.

In addition, many people still prefer listening to music through headphones because they provide a more immersive experience. With headphones on, you’re completely submerged in the music and can lose yourself in the lyrics.


Are they worth upgrading from the original AirPods?

If you’re an Apple user and are looking for earbuds that will last you for years, then the AirPods Pro 2 are definitely worth the upgrade.

Not only do they feature a redesigned design that’s easier to use and comes with enhanced noise cancellation and water resistance, but they’re also slimmer and more comfortable to wear than the original AirPods.

Therefore, if you’re in the market for quality earphones that will improve your audio experience overall, then the AirPods Pro 2 is a great option to consider.



We’re so excited about the new AirPods Pro 2 that we had to share it with you! These wireless earbuds deliver breakthrough audio quality that is precise and immersive – perfect for audio lovers everywhere. Not to mention, the convenient features and sleek design make them a perfect fit for any lifestyle.

You can buy the AirPods Pro 2 starting at $249, so be sure to check out the latest deals on our website!



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