Best Indian School in Bangalore Offering Cambridge Curricula

A Cambridge curriculum is a popular option in the education industry, with multiple Bangalore schools offering it. From the plethoras of subject options to learning methodologies, everything under the Cambridge education plan is perfect, supporting the overall development of the students. So all you have to do is choose the best Cambridge international school Bangalore, enrol your child in it, and rest assured that their future will be fruitful. 

The challenge here is to find the best-suited Indian school out of the list of available options. There are plethoras of schools in Bangalore, each claiming to provide the best facilities to students. They all claim to focus on overall growth. It is the responsibility of parents to filter these options based on the constraints and pick the most suitable school for their children. To help you in this daunting task, we have listed a few renowned options among parents.

List of Indian schools offering Cambridge curriculum in Bangalore

There are countless schools in Bangalore offering the Cambridge curriculum. Some of the popular choices are listed below.

The Global Indian International School

GIIS is a famous school in Bangalore training students to be proficient in 21st-century skills. They have branches in multi cities around the globe, each setting an excellent benchmark in imparting quality education. Your child will get every essential amenity to explore every aspect of learning and create a fruitful future for themselves. 

Delhi Public School

DPS is another famous option that parents in Bangalore and other major cities of the country also choose. They offer a sorted curriculum plan and opt for highly engaging teaching methodologies to ensure they bring the best out of every child. Additionally, the emphasis on sports, fine arts, and co-curricular activities ensuring the child gets every opportunity to explore his interests. 

Vibgyor High

It is amongst the top 10 Cambridge international schools in Bangalore, having an excellent track record and state-of-the-art amenities. Their students are doing exceptionally great in academics and co-curricular activities, which clearly explains the dedication with which they train children. You can also plan a visit to the school; the environment you see there will convince you enough to enrol your child there without a second thought.

Treamis World School

Treamis world school has been training students since 2007 and has achieved excellent academic results. They also offer boarding facilities to students from neighbouring cities to get quality education. Treamis has multiple awards and accolades to their name, speaking volumes about their dedication and commitment to learning. 

Oasis International School

Oasis is another Indian school in Bangalore offering quality education and every other facility to ensure every child’s growth and increased productivity. The school has excellent co-curricular facilities to offer, including opportunities in various sports and skill-based activities. Your child will get to explore every aspect of learning and can choose what they want to pursue as a career. 

You will find countless other options for the best schools in Bangalore that parents can choose for their children. However, picking one from the list above would be fruitful. Explore the school websites, checking their academic records, performance in co-curricular activities, and the environment they offer. Once you are sure about a place, enrol your child and rest assured that their future is safe.