How Blue World Trade Center Is the Best Business Hub in Pakistan?

Blue World Trade Center is a project of the BGC-IGC Consortium that aims to take a trade, business, leisure, and shopping a notch higher. The trade center is centrally located and will become the most sought-after trading center in Rawalpindi. It is particularly for those who want to stay higher than other business centers.

The purpose of developing this center was to create a platform where you can enjoy all aspects of the trade, business, shopping, and leisure under one roof. In this article, we will discuss how Blue World Trade Center will be the best business hub in Pakistan. So, without further dragging, let’s move toward the main topic of discussion.

Blue World Trade Center

It is a mix-use smart and innovative building structure furnished with all the modern amenities and facilities which add to the convenience and pleasure of business. It will be the best business hub in Pakistan for several reasons. First, there is no such trade center in the country, so it would be the first of its kind of business center. In addition, it would be the most cooperating destination for the real estate market.

Secondly, the Blue World Trade Center Location is in the city’s heart. It will be developed in Islamabad Blue World City and provide the most accessibility from Rawalpindi. So, it is also a great reason which increases the productivity of the trading center.

Hub For International Business

Blue World Trade Center Developers have created this hub not only for the local traders but also for the international traders. It means that this trade center will promote not only local business but also an international business. More visitors from the international market will visit this trade center, which will boost the country’s economy.

Moreover, the trade center will also work as an entertainment hub in the country where people will visit for cooperative purposes and spend quality time with their friends and family. In addition, people who want to visit the trade center for entertainment can get all the facilities and amenities they want.

Blue World Trade Center Owners

The owner of the Blue World Trade Center is a famous and popular company known as Blue Group of Companies. They have the right to develop the most impressive business hub near BWC. The trade center has a solid reputation for gaining the customer’s trust and attracting investors. It is the most capable trading center in the real estate market. If we talk about the developers, they are among the country’s top five real estate companies and have a worldwide existence. Read more about Citi Housing Kharian.

When it comes to the team of BGC, they have more than 300 individuals who are working in multiple fields. The company’s owner is Mr. Saad Nazir, who aims to diversify the country’s real estate market and aid thousands of investors.

Location of BWTC

The location of any real estate project and the area surrounding that project matters a lot. Therefore, whenever you decide to invest in a surrounding, make sure to search about the pros and cons of the surrounding area. So, if we talk about the project’s location, it plays a significant role in the city’s progress.

The Blue World Trade Center location is easily accessible from Grand Trunk (GT) Road. In addition, it is also accessible from all the main localities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The project aims to enhance eco-friendly city activities that can help investors and owners with commercial motives. The accessibility of the BWTC to the main localities is as follows:

  • It takes 10-minute from the Rawalpindi Railway station to reach the society.
  • From Islamabad Airport, the distance to BWTC is only a 40-minute.
  • From the Bahria Town Hospital, it takes only a 2-min drive.

Blue World Trade Center Facilities

The facilities available in the BWTC are:

  • Commerce Area
  • Huge Mosque
  • Water, gas, and power supply
  • Sport Area
  • Health Facilities
  • Wide Roads
  • Security Facility

In addition to these, investors can get the facilities in the trade center that they have not seen before, such as:

Twin Tower Replica

The Blue World Trade Center Height is going to be a massive venture. It is being constructed on international global standards. The Petronas twin tower replica will also be built in the city. It is an important landmark in Malaysia and will be established in the Blue World Trade Center for investor interest.

Shopping Malls and Apartments

According to the building design, the ground floor and first two floors of the trading center will be for the development of shopping outlets. There are also fully furnished and equipped towers for those who want to get the advantages of the world-class amenities of the building.

Easy File Verification

If you are worried about the file verification process, you do not need to worry about it. Blue world trade center file verification is easy, and one can easily verify the files online by following the method available on the site. You can also do this procedure by involving real estate agents.

Separate Parking Area

The project provides a separate parking area for corporate investors and clients. The parking area will be in 1 and 2 basements. So, if you are interested in investing in BWTC, you should do so without delay.

Concluding Note

In the article, we discussed why Blue World Trade Center is becoming the best business hub in the country. It is due to its location in Zaitoon City, its facilities and amenities, and most importantly, its developers. The developers aim to boost Pakistan’s economy and promote tourism in the country. So, if you have made up your mind to get a property in this trade center, don’t hesitate and contact now with the best real estate agents such as Sapphire Properties. Invest in your future now without any further delay.