How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat | 3 Ways to Avoid the Hourglass

Snapchat is an awesome social media app. Many apps like these Snapchat had been evolved over the years, but no one should replace them.

Snapchat has so many notable features. From the filters to the extraordinary lenses, this app has loads to offer.

Recently, Snapchat introduced a ring light function to assist users to click incredible photos even in the dark. All those features make Snapchat a great app; however, one factor that’s bothersome approximately this app is its ‘help’ section.

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If you have tried locating how lengthy does the hourglass remaining on Snapchat through the assist segment, you comprehend its little need.

So, I even have gathered all of the statistics concerning your query. Scroll right down to find out how an awful lot of time you have got left before your Snapchat streak ends.

How Long Does The Hourglass Last on Snapchat?

There is not any definitive answer to how long the hourglass lasts on Snapchat. While Snapchat does not cope with the query everywhere, I have accrued some answers from you from specific assets.

The hourglass icon is one of the maximum dreaded icons on Snapchat. It approaches that your streak with a chum is set to cease. You need to be very steady to hold a streak.

Each day Snapchat needs you to send a photo or video to your pals. A day of lacking out on sending an image will free you from your streak. This is when the hourglass icon involves warning you.

According to some Quora customers, the hourglass icon seems that no snap has been despatched or obtained for over 20 hours.

It means that the hourglass lasts four hours before the streak ends. This is one of the answers to your query, ‘how long does the hourglass final on Snapchat?’

However, some other users deny this declaration. According to those users, the hourglass icon lasts simplest for ‘some’ hours, however, no person has a specific range of hours.

“How lengthy does the hourglass closing on Snapchat” has no single solution. It varies for each person.

There is an opportunity that the longer the streak, the extra time the hourglass lasts. This method that for a user who had the streak for ten months, the hourglass may ultimate for 6 to seven hours.

However, the hourglass can also last best for 2 hours for a user who had the streak most effective for two days.

According to a Quora person, there are approaches you may get better at a Snapchat streak. So, in case you see the hourglass icon, you don’t need to fear. You can contact the app and ask them to restore your streak by means of giving a relevant purpose.

Does the Hourglass Appear on Both Sides?

Yes, the hourglass does appear for each customer. Snapchat reminds each user when a snap streak is set to stop.

In this manner, there is an extra threat of saving like these streaks. Let’s say you have not sent a snap to your friend within the final 20 hours, Snapchat warns both of you about the streak. This way, your pal can remind you to send a snap.

While each user sees the hourglass icon, simplest the one who has not despatched the snap topics.

So, after you and your buddy see an hourglass icon, do take a look at which one in every one of you has no longer sent any snap that day. Only that man or woman can shop the streak by way of sending a snap or video.

How to Avoid the Hourglass Icon?

Snapchat is one of the great methods to stay linked with your friends. You might also live across the street or on special continents, however, you could send them a photograph or video day by day.

Snapchat streak means that you and your friend were sending everyday snaps to each different.

To maintain a snap streak like these, you should ship at least one snap each day to each other. Snapchat streak is represented through the fire icon in conjunction with more than a few called Snap ratings.

While anybody loves the Snapchat streak characteristic, maximum folks hate it when the hourglass icon shows up. It approaches you simplest have a few hours to hold the streak, in any other case it’ll be finished.

Sending a snap at the final second may be trouble sometimes. What in case you are in an assembly whilst the hourglass icon seems? You can not simply ship a snap inside the center of work. So, right here is how you could keep away from the hourglass icon.

1. Maintain a Routine

One of the perfect like these methods to preserve the Snapstreak and avoid the hourglass is to keep a routine. You should set a time at which you can send snaps to your friends.

Setting a time may be a certain-shot manner to keep away from the hourglass on Snapchat.

2. Inform the Other User

If you spot that your pal has no longer been responding for your snaps for some time, call them. This is one of the ways you may keep away from the hourglass icon.

If you inform your friend ahead, you may make sure that your streak will be maintained.

3. Send a Blank Snap

If you ship a snap just for the sake of maintaining a streak, you can ship blank pics. You can maintain your camera on any floor and take a blur or clean image. J

just send that image to your pal; in this manner, you may without problems maintain a streak.

Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! In this newsletter, I have told you ways long the hourglass final on Snapchat is. There is not any unique solution to like these questions.

While for some customers the hourglass lasts for two to 4 hours, for others the time may be longer.

A sample many customers have visible is that the longer the streak, the more time the hourglass lasts. So, subsequent time, send your snaps earlier than you notice an hourglass.

I wish you preferred this newsletter. If you’ve got any other queries, allow us to recognize them within the remarks. Keep journeying Path of EX for extra solutions!