How to Add Widgets to iPhone – 5 Tips to know

How to Add Widgets to iPhone - 5 Tips to know


How to Add Widgets to iPhone



Apple’s mobile operating system has made it easy for users to add widgets to their home screen. You can add widgets to both third-party apps and Apple apps.

The iPhone requires iOS 14 and later to use Smart Stacks and Widgets.

Learn how to add widgets to iPhone using the steps outlined in this article. Then, get started by creating your first Smart Stack. From there, you can add widgets to your screen in a variety of ways.


Create a Smart Stack

There are several ways to create a smart stack on your iPhone. The first is to long-tap the home screen icon to enter jiggle mode. Next, press the plus (+) button to open the widget gallery. You’ll see several widgets here, including the Smart Stack.

From here, select the size of your widgets and tap Add Widget. Then, drag the widgets to the desired position.

Once you’ve selected the size of your widgets, you’re ready to create a Smart Stack. You can place as many as ten widgets on a single home screen.

Stacking widgets is easiest if they have the same shape, and you can easily scroll through them by swiping up or down.

You can even create a Smart Stack by adding a widget to your iPhone. It shows the time and popular apps, similar to a custom widget.


Edit a widget

In iOS 15, new widgets are available. You can reorder them to the side if you like, or delete them entirely by tapping the “minus” sign on their right corner.

Apple’s weather widget lets you change your current location or forecast by long-pressing it. Similarly, you can also change the date or time in the weather widget.

However, it is not recommended that you change the widget’s position in iOS.

Once you’ve added a widget, you can edit it by changing its color or font. You can change the background color, enable dark mode, or customize the icon.

Afterward, you can add or remove it from the home screen. Simply select it again in the Widgets tab. The new widget will appear on the home screen. And if you wish to revert to an earlier theme, you can revert back to its original settings.


Move a widget around the screen

Stacking widgets is an easy way to rearrange your iPhone’s home screen, but you should remember that all widgets must be the same size and shape. This way, you can choose which widget will be on top and swipe up or down to see the next one. You can also use Apple’s Smart Stack feature, which automatically chooses the top widget based on its settings. To learn how to stack widgets, read on.

If you’re not familiar with widgets, they are small app instances that run in the background, providing quick access to information. You can add widgets to your iPhone to provide information in the form of notifications or email, as well as weather or other information.

Widgets are also available on Apple’s native apps and in some settings. There are also dedicated apps for managing the home screen, including Widgetsmith.


Customize a widget

You can easily customize a widget on your iPhone to display information you use on a regular basis. For example, you can add a widget to show upcoming events, weather forecasts, important applications, and contact icons.

You can even customize your home screen to reflect what you need most.

For instance, a backpacker might customize their home screen to include relevant information about their travels. A travel widget will display the last album you’ve played, weather conditions, and stock market updates. Other options include displaying recent news articles, the battery level, today’s calendar, and the last note you’ve written.

Using widgets on your iPhone can be a great way to personalize your home screen. Although these apps are limited in functionality, they can add an extra layer of customization to your home screen.

The best widget app is the launcher, which lets you quickly access and launch your favorite apps and websites. You can customize your launcher to call or email contacts, start FaceTime video calls, and access your favorite websites.

Widgetsmith is a dedicated widget manager, and can help you customize your home screen and add widgets.




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