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How to Choose a Blender?

In terms of use, mixers are also divided into meat grinders for cooking and meat filling in the kitchen uk dental software.

Cooking machines are also called mixers, electric mixers for painters to mix paint, concrete mixers for mixing cement and sand on construction sites, and so on. Today we will talk about concrete mixers.

Type 1

  1. This flat mouth mixer is mainly used for mortar and concrete. It is easy to add ingredients, but the mixing is uneven.
  2. The diameter of the flat mouth is different, and the amount of material that can be stirred is also different. Generally used to build houses in rural areas
  3. Eight rounds of small reducer to stir the tank. Eight rubber wheels, driven by a small reduction box, are mainly used for building houses. The mixing ratio is even than the flat mouth, and tires can be added for easy transportation.
  4. Twelve-wheel big reducer to stir the tank. Twelve rubber wheels, large reduction box transmission. The body of the barrel is longer than that of the eight rounds, and it has more mixing materials, and it is mainly used for building houses in rural areas.

Types 2

  1. Ladder mixer. The material in the hopper can be transported from the ground to the small two-story building with a ladder, and it is mostly used to build two-story small buildings in the southwest region.
  2. The drum mixer is divided into two types: ring gear and friction in terms of transmission mode. Cooperating with tower cranes, tower crane hoppers are mostly used in the development and construction of urban building communities

Type 3

  1. 750 concrete mixing plants. Used in conjunction with the batching machine, the material is stirred 0.75 cubic meters at a time, the material is stirred quickly, and the material is discharged quickly. It is often used for cement board roads and workshops.
  2. 1000 concrete mixers. Used with the batching machine, one cubic meter of material is stirred at a time, more material is stirred, the material is stirred quickly, and the material is discharged quickly.
  3. Large concrete mixing plant is used with cement tanks, commercial concrete trucks and pump trucks. Mostly used in large projects

Classification and working principle of Mixer

There are many kinds of mixers, each of which has a different working principle. Choosing the right mixer can improve work efficiency. 


  1. Forced mixer: The mixing drum is stationary, and the blades on the shaft rotate for stirring.
  2. The characteristic of this kind of mixer is that it can mix dry hard concrete and light aggregate concrete, and the efficiency is very high.
  3. This kind of mixer is relatively simple to operate and very convenient to unload. It is the most common type of mixer.
  4. Single horizontal shaft mixer is also a relatively common type of mixer
  5. The origin of this kind of mixer is that it has a large crushing ratio and high working efficiency, and it is an ideal construction site machine. It can not only crush dry materials, but also crush wet materials with excellent effect. Amazon Discount Code NHS
  6. Twin-shaft mixer: This mixer is mainly used for mixing powder.
  7. This kind of mixer is mainly composed of casing, screw shaft assembly, driving device, piping, cover plate, chain cover and other components. It is a necessary equipment in the survival process of autoclaved fly ash bricks and lime sand bricks.


There are so many types of blenders. Only a few are mentioned here. The choice of mixer should be selected according to the material to be mixed. And don’t use it wrong.

How to Quickly Clean a Blender

In daily life uk dental software, cleaning the mixer is a headache for every household. The following are the specific steps to quickly clean the mixer.


  • blender
  • dish soap
  • warm water
  1. First add an appropriate amount of warm water to the blender that needs to be cleaned.
  2. Then squeeze a few drops of dish soap into it and close the lid.
  3. Start the blender, start blending, and let it blend for a while.
  4. Finally, pour out the water and run through the water again.

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How to draw a blender with simple strokes

A blender is a kind of machine uk dental software. Next, let’s take a look at how to draw a stick figure blender. Let’s take a look together.

  • sheet of paper
  • a pen
  1. In the first step, we first draw the front part of the mixer, a rectangle.
  2. The second step is to draw a simple rectangular window on the front of the stick figure.
  3. The third step is to continue to draw the wheel part of the stick figure blender
  4. The fourth step is to draw the light part of the front of the stick figure blender.
  5. The fifth step, then continues to draw the body part of the stick figure blender,
  6. rectangular shape. ebay Discount Code NHS 
  7. Step 6, continue to draw the wheels behind the mixer.
  8. The seventh step is to finally draw the mixing drum of the stick figure mixer. The stick figure blender is ready to draw.
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