How to edit PDF file As Well As Documents without Adobe Acrobat

How to edit pdf file


PDF is a consistent document format that appears the same format on all devices. Additionally, Adobe Acrobat is consider among the top tools for editing PDFs.Although, it’s an expensive option, and it’s not available to everyone. it.There are a variety of options  ” How to edit PDF file” with out Adobe.

Do you want to alter the content of your PDFs (text images, text, etc.) without the expense of Adobe Acrobat?

You can edit PDF files with web-base tools like Google Docs, Google Drive and many other options we’ll be discussing below.

Learn more about the following:

  1. 4 Ways to Edit PDF Files without Adobe Acrobat
  2. Things to Remember While Editing PDFs, When You Think About Editing Editing Tools

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Editing PDF Files and Documents without Adobe Acrobat

In addition to being free and downloadable, PDF files are also easier to use, practical and stable across every device, system and platforms as well as software platforms.

The portable format for files is a graphic representation of a text that looks like text but is not editable. That’s the reason it is refer to in the context of “read-only document”. In order to edit the files you will require the assistance of an external converter.

Below, we’ll go over four different ways to aid you in editing PDF files without needing to use Adobe Acrobat.

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4 Ways to Edit PDF Files without Adobe Acrobat

If you’re looking to make an edit quickly You can make use of other software tools in addition to Adobe Acrobat.

You can make it happen online, or make use of simple text processing tools like the one listed below.

Method 1: What is the best way can I edit a PDF within MS Word?

The first option is editing PDF files with Word. To accomplish this you must convert PDF files into Word. It is possible to convert PDF files into Microsoft Word using a very simple process.

Here’s how:

  1. Word will create an image of PDF files. It will inform you that it will transform its contents into a format Word can open. The original PDF file is unalter. Choose the option to accept.
  2. Edit the contents to meet your requirements.

Remember, after you’ve edit your PDF file, by changing it into Word format, Word format, it is possible to are able to return it in the PDF format.

Alternate method of editing PDFs in Word

If you are using Word 2013 version or an older version it, you are able to also modify PDF documents:

  1. Select the “Open” option.
  2. Then, choose the PDF file you wish to edit.
  3. Here, you will see an alert that indicates of the fact that your pdf file has been transformed into editable format.
  4. After clicking ‘’OK’’, you’re now able to modify the file.
  5. Save the file to PDF.

Note: If you are running an earlier Microsoft version this method won’t work for them.

You are looking for more information about how to manage PDF files in Word?

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Method 2: How do I edit PDF files online using Google Drive?

Google Drive is another source to convert PDF files to Google Docs. It also has integrated OCR (optical character recognition) which is able to extract the information from the images.

Here’s a step-by step guide to convert PDF to Google Docs:

  1. Drag and click the PDF file to the browser for files, then click New, and then upload an image to browse to the file you wish to upload.
  2. When the file is uploaded you will see it in your files.
  3. Select the PDF file you have uploaded to view the preview. Open it using Google Docs.
How to edit pdf file

Method #3 Method #3: How do you edit PDF files online with third-party applications

Online PDF editing is the best for those who are in a rush and need to do a few edits.

There are numerous tools that allow you to do this and you could make edits such as:

  • The removal or addition of Signatures to PDF.
  • Converting PDFs into both black and white.
  • Printing tests altering the page order and much more.

The best method for editing PDFs online will depend on the actions you wish to perform.

Based on this the task in an Google or Bing search (e.g. “convert MHTML to PDF) and you’ll discover a variety of online tools for free which can accomplish just this.

Tools, for example:

  • Pdfpro
  • Pdfbuddy
  • Online2pdf

The tools are simple to use and you just must follow the directions or the navigation in order to transform your PDF in a matter of minutes.

Things to Take into Consideration When Using the Online PDF Editor

Here are a few points you should consider while editing PDF documents online. Like:

  • Opt for an application that displays the Padlock symbol within the address bar.
  • Privacy policy and Terms of Conditions to ensure your PDF files aren’t being utilized by the company.

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Preview is an app that is used to convert PDF and images files. It’s integrated, and it is easy to spot simply by opening the file and then going into the “tools Panel.”

You can highlight text, delete pages, make annotations and highlight sections you want tohighlight, make a signature and fill in PDF.

Here’s the procedure:

  • Select the text area you wish to modify. Make the changes you wish to make and then click the empty area.

Additionally this program also lets you edit images. To edit PDF images with Preview Follow these easy steps.

  • Click on”Image” “Image”.
  • Go to”Finder. “Finder” and then select the PDF file which contains the image.
  • Then, move the image.
  • Finally, you can edit the PDF to edit it in Google Docs.

Here are some additional ways to modify your PDF documents using Macs: Mac:

  • How to reduce the size of PDF files on Mac Mac
  • Type on a PDF using Mac How to Edit, Add Text and Write with the Preview Application
  • How to Type Special Letters and Words with Accents on Mac

Things to Remember when editing PDFs. Editing Tools

There are a variety of other programs that are available on the market, apart from Adobe Acrobat that are slightly less expensive and perform the same even if not better.

It is possible to make an one-time purchase that will be your primary tool for editing PDFs.

The standalone program can cost between $50 and $150. The software is worth purchasing for those who work often with PDFs and require sophisticated changes. It comes with a variety of options that aren’t found with the free tools for editing.

Here’s what you need to look for when choosing a ideal editing tool;

  1. Quality

Always check the features of the various tools on the market. You don’t want to reduce on the high quality and quality of PDF documents. Therefore, you should consider using a tool that preserves the quality of your files. A well-informed purchase can bring about the desired results and help you complete the task precisely.

2. Cost

Another thing to take into consideration the budget you have set. If you’re looking to purchase the program for small-scale applications, we don’t suggest spending excessively. Instead of seeking the highest features, it’s best to look for the most beneficial tools.

3. User Experience

The speed and smoothness of the program is inevitable. Select a software which offers a trial so that you can determine whether it’s suitable for your needs or not. Additionally, a program with an easy and simple interface is preferred over one with a complicated interface.

If you are frequently working with PDF documents and files however, you may also be interested in switching to paper-free to minimize the paper trail that you leave behind and increase protection of documents.

A trigger-based converter such as Inkit Render with its easy-to-use API can create or convert PDF files using HTML. The tool then keeps the files online in a safe manner.

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PDF is among the most well-known file formats widely used across the world to share and distribute documents. They can be protected and cannot be edited. Adobe Acrobat is among the most widely used tools to edit and convert PDF files, however others are more affordable and speedier. If you’ve been searching for ways to edit PDF documents without using Acrobat this article is for you.

We hope this was useful and now you’re equipped with alternative tools for editing PDF and software.

If you’re in search of an automated platform for document generation for managing and converting the PDF files at a size, you should take a look at Inkit Render!