How To Grow Your Confectionery Business With Our Custom Donut Boxes?


Do you know what is the importance of custom donut boxes? It offers many benefits to the brands and the customers. But the top one is that it keeps the donuts safe from sunlight, moisture, and contamination. Thus it extends the shelf life of the donuts and keeps their flavor and texture fresh! As a result, sweet lovers always prefer your brand over others. So how does it help the bakery brands? Well, it helps them maintain their donut taste and quality. Hence it turns the customers into loyal ones and gives a huge return on the investment. Sounds great, right? So you can also flourish your brand with our amazing packaging tips and designs. Come on, let us learn more about it.

Custom donut boxes with windows

Boxes with windows are an amazing way to market your brand. The transparent sheet is attached at the top and tempts the customers to buy. The thing is that it gives an overview of the mouthwatering donuts. And gives information about the donut’s flavor, color, and quantity. The PVC sheet is customizable in any design, shape, and size. Thus it makes the donut boxes attractive and interactive. So what are you waiting for? Maximize your shelf presence with our bespoke packaging.

Gable boxes styles

Do you know that gable boxes are famous for their hut-shaped style? Yes, they look super cute and attractive. Further, the kraft or cardboard handle makes it easy to use. And you can make it visually attractive with a transparent sheet. Hence you can order the gable boxes in any size, stock, or color. Moreover, people love this packaging style for several reasons. You can pack the donuts in a gable box and make your road trip, picnic, and parties memorable. Thus it keeps the donuts safe and fresh.

Two-piece custom donut boxes

So far, the two-piece is the most popular custom donut box style. As it is clear from the name, it consists of a lid (top) and a bottom (tray). The tray is spacious enough to house multiflavored donuts. And you can easily open and close the box with a movable lid. Plus, you can customize two-piece in kraft or cardboard stock. And you can order them in any size, color, laminates, or finishings.

Pink donut boxes

Do you want to make your custom printed donut packaging eye-catching? The pink boxes are good to go. It makes your bakery brand stand out and instantly hooks sweet lovers. And the chocolaty caramel-flavored donuts look super delicious in pink boxes. Further, you can embellish the custom pink donut boxes with a dry printing technique. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the foil stamping method. The metallic foil gives an exclusive and attractive look to the packaging. And it firmly adheres to the cardboard and kraft material with high heat and pressure. Besides you, it gives a lot of experiment margin. For instance, you can opt for copper, blue, green, rose gold, silver, red, or gold foil. Hence there are several ways to style your boxes!

Custom-printed donut boxes

Do you know what is meant by custom-printed packaging? It means that you can print mouthwatering donut images and slogans. It triggers the customer’s impulse buying, and they finally buy the sweet treats. You can use different colors, illustrations, and themes to set apart your packaging. And you can improve the image sharpness and font readability with the following surface coats.

  • Spot UV
  • Matte lamination
  • Gloss lamination
  • Aqueous coating

Apart from Spot UV, the rest are applied as a thin transparent layer on the donut box. It gives a smooth, neat, and finished look. And overall, it makes the boxes more strong and more durable. But you can make your boxes 100% environmentally compatible with aqueous coating. It is available in different forms and is free of harmful chemicals.

Use of right size packaging

The concept of right-size packaging applies to all industries. Yes, it includes cosmetics, apparel, electronics, and food. The thing is, proper size pink donut boxes offer great benefits. It promotes safe packaging and makes smart use of resources. Moreover, a well-designed box looks presentable and speaks volumes about your craftsmanship. Hence you can order a large or small donut box, and we will cut it into the exact size. Our printing facility has the best printing and cutting machinery that precisely cuts the boxes. Therefore if you are looking for exceptional services under one roof, we are the best!

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Why choose iCustomBoxes?

We provide the best customization services to the food, apparel, electronic, and cosmetic industries. Our team is aware of contemporary packaging techniques and designs top-notch boxes. Thus you can order wholesale donut boxes, and we will design them in your preferred style, stock, and design. You can discuss your packaging ideas and budget; our experts will provide cost-effective solutions. Plus, we facilitate our clients by all means. We offer fast turnaround, technical support, and digital mockup. Hence, once you are satisfied with the donut packaging’s design, color, and quality, we will start production. And our quality team ensures that the boxes are manufactured as per the customer’s needs. And they match the international packaging criteria. Hence you need to worry about the quality and quantity of the boxes.

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