How to Make a Housing Disrepair Claim

housing disrepair claim

If your landlord has neglected to carry out repairs that you have reported they are liable for, you may be eligible to make a housing disrepair claim.

This can include issues with damp and mould, leaks or damage to your property. It can also affect your belongings such as furniture, carpets or clothes.

Damage to your belongings

If you have had your belongings damaged due to the state of your property then you may be able to make a housing disrepair claim. This could be for items such as furniture, bedding, curtains or even clothing that have been destroyed due to damp and mould or for damage caused by a burst pipe that your landlord did not fix.

In the UK, landlords have a legal responsibility to ensure that rented properties are properly maintained and that all repairs are carried out quickly. However, if your landlord is not adhering to these rules, you can bring a claim against them for compensation.

This is generally a miscellaneous cash sum or a partial rebate of your rent for the period of disrepair. This amount will depend on the level of disrepair and how you felt it affected your quality of life.

Ill health

If you or someone else in your household has been ill or injured as a result of the housing disrepair, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim. You can claim for both the pain and suffering caused by your illness or injury as well as the loss of enjoyment you have suffered as a result of the problems with your property.

The amount of compensation you are awarded will depend on the length and severity of your illness or injury. It will also reflect any financial losses you have incurred because of your illness or injury, such as the cost of hospital visits and treatment.

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Loss of income

It can be a frustrating situation when you are living in a property with poor conditions and have to pay extra money for repairs. This can lead to a significant loss of income and disrupt your daily life.

You can recover compensation for these financial losses when you make a housing disrepair claim. This can include the rent you have paid to your landlord and any other expenses you have incurred due to the disrepair, such as transport or travel costs.

A claim for housing disrepair can be brought by any tenant in a rented property, whether it’s council, housing association or private. The Ministry of Justice has produced a Housing Disrepair Protocol which outlines the conduct that the parties to a claim are expected to follow before the court can start legal proceedings.

A housing disrepair claim can be made if your landlord has refused to carry out necessary repairs in your home. It can also be brought if you have suffered harm as a result of this.

Special damages

When you make a housing disrepair claim, the compensation you get for your losses can be in the form of special damages. These can include costs like extra heating or cleaning.

If your property is in a state of disrepair, it’s important to alert your landlord as soon as you notice it. This will help you build a stronger case against your landlord.

You should also keep a record of any problems you have had in your home. This will give you proof that your landlord should have been aware of the problem and should have carried out repairs promptly.

A successful claim may also include general damages, which are based on a notional reduction in your rent for every week of the disrepair. These are intended to cover the stress and inconvenience that you’ve experienced as a result of living in a disrepair property.