Is it better to sharpen a knife wet or dry?

There are many types of sharpeners on the market, but the one to choose is up to personal preference. One of the most common automatic knife sharpeners uses a ceramic stone with an abrasive side.

While this approach gets the job done, it can also take far longer to sharpen a knife. When using an electric knife sharpener, you can achieve a good result much quicker and it will require less maintenance than an old fashioned stone sharpening technique.

If you do have an electric knife sharpener, you should use it for the Electric knives most delicate or frequently used blades. For example, if you only want to sharpen one or two blades a day, you should use the electric knife sharpener every day.

If you don’t, then you will risk dulling your blades because the stones would have been worn down and won’t sharpen your blades as effectively. If you own an electric knife sharpener, make sure it is well-maintained. Your electric knife sharpener will perform at its best if it is regularly cleaned and kept lubricated.