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Kids Segways UK without handlebars | The history of Kidshoverboards

Like so many trends, the hoverboards come from the UK. As the name kids Segways suggests, these models after their big role model, the “normal” kids Segways. And that’s exactly where the history of hoverboards begins:

In 2001, Dean Kamen developed the kid’s Segway. There was no success. In the beginning, only 50 thousand pieces  sold. That was because the kids Segways UK  were not suitable for everyday use.

They cost far too much and were not affordable for the average Joe. They were also too bulky and heavy, making them difficult to transport.

Disadvantages of Kids Hoverboard

High weight: although it may not seem like it, these electric scooters are quite heavy. On average, they usually weigh about 10 kg.

Learning: It is true that, once you get the hang of it, it is easy. But the learning process can be long and, above all, involve the occasional fall. This is important to keep in mind so as not to trust yourself too much and not get frustrat.

Differences between a kids Segways UK  and kids hoverboard

At this point, what is the difference between a kids Segways UK  and a Kids hoverboard? The main difference is purely aesthetic since the first has a handlebar and the second does not. This makes the segway easier to ride and keep your balance on. On the other hand, the hoverboard is more difficult to use at first.

For its part, the kids hoverboard is a more agile and much cheaper solution than the kids segways UK. And, furthermore, it is much more spectacular and striking to drive around the city with it, since it has a very futuristic image.

Before buying a kids Segways UK  or kids hoverboard

If you are going to buy one of these scooters, you must take into account factors such as autonomy, speed, what use you are going to give it, etc. But, first of all, This certificate is located on the device itself and affects the electrical safety of the vehicle. Without this stamp, it is better not to buy it.

On the other hand, you have to be clear about what type of product you are looking for and to whom it is directed. For example, Kids hoverboard for a child is not the same as another for an adult, who will use it more regularly when traveling. Parameters such as charging time, maximum speed, autonomy or weight are important. In the case of a child, kids hoverboard that is not very fast and has a good autonomy is convenient. An adult may prioritize speed and charging time.

Finally, another factor to take into account is the guarantee. Whether it is a segway scooter or a hoverboard, you have a two-year guarantee, to which must be added 14 days of withdrawal from receipt of the product in the case of online purchase and without the need to justify the decision.

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