8 Proven Strategies to Reduce Cart Abandonment on your Shopify Store

8 Proven Strategies to Reduce Cart Abandonment on your Shopify Store

Strategies to Reduce Cart Abandonment on your Shopify Store – 8 Proven Ways


Introduction: What is Cart Abandonment?

If you’ve ever had someone buy something off your shopping list because you forgot it in the store, then you know how frustrating it can be when we forget items while we’re at checkout. When we interrupt ourselves from our busy day-to-day lives

Cart abandonment is a frustrating moment for any shopper. In a world where everything is done digitally, it seems odd that the checkout page should need to be present at all.

One of the ways that this frustration can be reduced is by removing the checkout page altogether. This concept, called “cart abandonment,” has been around for a while and has seen a recent surge in popularity as more and more retailers explore this idea.

The main goal of cart abandonment is to maximize the chances customers will complete their purchase.

These are customers who have been on your site for awhile and have finally decided on an item or two they want to buy from you.

The number of items in your cart is what determines when you see the checkout button.

If you add something, then the button disappears when it’s too small to click on.

Cart abandonment is when a potential customer isn’t able to purchase an item because they accidentally move away from their shopping cart before proceeding to the checkout.

Some people call this “shopping cart hider”. The moment a person has added an item and moves away from it, usually because they’ve changed their mind and want to remove an item or add another one, this is called “cart abandonment” and results in lost revenue for stores.

More on Cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is when a customer abandons their cart before reaching the checkout. For retailers, it is an important metric to calculate the percentage of people who are opting out of making a purchase.

There are many reasons why people abandon their carts: they might have forgotten something, they may not want to purchase the product, or they may assume that their credit card was declined.

This section talks about how retailers can solve for this issue and help their customers reach checkout in order to increase revenue and decrease abandoned carts.

Why is Cart Abandonment an issue?

In this industry, the two most important moments are the click and the conversion. Every time a customer abandons their cart, it means that they were not convinced to buy.

With about 61% of shopping carts being abandoned, retailers spend a lot of money in additional advertising spend to compensate for this loss.

Retailers also lose tons of data in the process with only a small fraction of shoppers filling out their contact information when checking out or completing an online form.

In addition to that, about 20% of all online orders are abandoned before they are submitted. This is because customers get distracted with other tasks on their computer or simply forget what they wanted to purchase when they got distracted by something else.

With the advent of online shopping, the issue of cart abandonment has become a real concern for eCommerce businesses. Cart abandonment basically means that customers who have started the checkout process leave before completing their order.

More Facts About Cart Abandonment

This article will review and explore some of the most common reasons for this and how you can eliminate them to ensure your eCommerce business is not losing revenue.

The post aims to educate readers on how they can retain customers by eliminating some of the most common reasons for cart abandonment. It will also provide tips on what you should do as a business owner if you want to increase your chances of increasing sales and revenue.

What are the Top 8 reasons for Cart Abandonment?

The number of people who abandon their carts is on the rise and it becomes more and more of a business’ issue.

The reasons for abandoning a cart vary from one person to the next, but we can tell you the Top 8 Possible reason for Cart Abandonment:

1) Mental Blocks: Some people might get distracted by something else while shopping, get overwhelmed with choices or decide to buy something else- like an impulse purchase.

2) Price: The customer may not be able to afford that product or they might want to save up money for other things.

3) Shipping Cost: The customer might not be aware of the shipping costs associated with their purchase and decide against it because of this.

4) Lost Interest: Customer forgot about the purchase

5) Technical or Internet connection: The customer was unable to complete the checkout process due to technical difficulties or poor user interface

6) Change of Mind:  Customer decided that they don’t want to buy anything after all and chooses not to complete the checkout process

7) Bad online store or webite experience – Customer Not Satisfied: The website failed at providing a good experience and it put off the customer from completing the purchase

8) Some unforeseen circumstances:  Other unforeseen circumstances like shipping charges or taxes were too high and made them abandon their cart.

The effect of Cart Abandonment on Your eCommerce Business

Abandoned carts are a major issue for any retailer. The cart abandonment rate is anywhere from 68-70% and it can have a significant impact on your conversion rates.

When a customer adds an item to their cart but doesn’t complete the purchase, this leaves the retailer with lost revenue. This impacts profitability and the company’s bottom line.

There are many reasons people abandon their carts, such as not finding what they want or needing to take care of something else that they couldn’t do beforehand like paying for groceries at the store, etc.

The most significant reason why customers leave their cart is price – either they find it too expensive or not worth what they’re buying for.

Best Tips On Cart Abandonment

The way to prevent abandoned carts is to take into account the customer’s perspective. The customer should not have to take too much time filling out their information.

How to Prevent Cart Abandonment in Shopify’s store

Cart abandonment is a common issue that can be solved by following these few steps.

Ensure that the online store has a clear product page with all the necessary information. This includes both text and images of the product.

Make sure that the customer has easy access to account settings, shipping options, and other important information.

The cornerstone of any successful e-commerce business is increasing conversion rates through effective marketing campaigns. But there are also lots of ways to increase conversion rates through optimizing your website’s design and layout.

One way to increase conversion rates is by avoiding Cart Abandonment—the percentage of visitors who add items to their cart, but don’t complete their purchase before leaving your site.

To put it simply, Cart Abandonment is the process of taking your product out of your visitor’s shopping cart and then abandoning the checkout altogether.

Cart Abandonment is a natural part of any e-commerce store’s life cycle. It’s important to understand that Cart Abandonment is inevitable and there are ways to prevent it from happening.

  • The first and most common way to avoid Cart Abandonment is by showing different prices for an item to visitors who have placed items in their cart but have not yet checked out.
  • The second way to avoid Cart Abandonment is by offering discounts on the checkout page to keep their visitors interested in checking out their purchase.

5 Tips to help Improve Cart Abandonment

Every day, there are many e-commerce websites that get abandoned carts, and the number of these sites is increasing. In this article, we will look at what you can do to prevent Cart Abandonment in Shopify’s store.

1. Use a shipping estimator that lets customers know the shipping cost and any other fees upfront:

2. Provide customers with information about your return and refund policies:

3. Give customers an itemized list of their order:

4. Offer discounts for returning customers:

5. Show people what they’ll get in their cart when they add items to it:

One of the most common occurrences in any e-commerce store is that of cart abandonment. It is estimated that more than 80% of all shopping carts are abandoned before they are completed by shoppers.

In most cases, the causes for this phenomenon can be largely attributed to the following:

a.) Poor customer service
b.) Poor product quality
c.) Shipping costs
d.) Confusing or difficult checkout process.

It is important for retailers to focus on these points if they want to reduce their cart abandonment rates and increase their conversion rates.



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