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REJUVAMED Launches Their 1ml Lip Filler Lip Augmentation Treatment:

If asked which part of your body you would change if you had the option, most individuals would come up with some aspect to change about themselves. Whether it is a lip augmentation treatment or botox to get arched cheekbones– many a time, a small and subtle change could go a long way in boosting your self-esteem and confidence. And the 1ml lip filler brought to you by Rejuvamed are one big step in that direction.


Lip augmentation is the clinical term used for the process of adding volume and giving shape to your lips that is different from your original lip structure. This treatment has been proven to be helpful for those who either do not like their natural lip shape and size or are born with thin lips and want to make them look puckered and full. The 1ml Lip Fillers, specifically produced for lip augmentation, provide clients with the desired results while ensuring that your lips look plump, pretty, and natural!


The gel-like dermal filler is inserted in the lips through a thin, tiny needle in dosages of 1ml lip filler per treatment session. The experts understand the importance of giving your lips a natural look which is why they take their time and allow the lips to expand organically along with the fillers. After the treatment, you can rest assured that there will be no additional ridges below or above the lipline, making the lip augmentation treatment easy to detect. Moreover, the products typically used for this treatment are safe for the skin and do not have any severe side effects.  High-quality lip fillers like Juvederm Smile and Volift are the main two fillers used for lip augmentation and have been a huge success in giving our clients the perfect pair of lips they have envisioned all their life.


Your lips will need some time to adjust with the fillers and take the natural shape, and the best thing to do during this phase is to simply wait and see the outcome. A review of the lip augmentation process follows up after the treatment; after the next two weeks, your lips start to look the way you have always wanted them to look. Since every individual is unique and has their wants and needs, the 1ml lip filler are injected according to their respective requirement. So it is during this follow-up review session that the doctor or the expert can tell you whether you need another injection or more than 1ml lip fillers to get the desired results.

The lip augmentation treatment starts with a free consultation with one of the leading names in the dermatological and cosmetic surgery industry Dr McKeating. During this consultation, you will get a concrete idea of what you can expect during and immediately after the 1ml lip filler injections and ask any questions you have. And if you finally decide, small quantities of lip fillers will be injected into your lips to give them the shape and the fullness you would like. It is important to note that while there are no serious negative consequences of this treatment, the patient can feel a slight sting as the 1ml lip filler are injected. However, these products have an anesthetic called Lidocaine in them which makes the process smooth, painless, and safe.

Lip augmentation is not a permanent cosmetic change. They typically last anywhere between 6 months and a year but that depends on the type and the composition of the dermal fillers you use. So if you have been planning to get the perfect shape and add volume to your lips, book your free consultation today!

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