Some plants have leaves with two parts

Some plants have leaves with two parts. A single leaflet is a small leaf on a petiole. A compound leaf is a leaf that is made up of several leaflets.

There are four major types of leaflets. The first is a simple leaflet, which is similar to a true leaf. Simple leaflets are found on some of the simplest flowers. Some of the more common flowers in the world are daisies, dandelions and sunflowers.

The second type is compound leaflet. This has three leaflets, two smaller and one larger. The third type is compound leaflets. These have five leaflets, the top two small and the bottom three larger. Finally, there is the compound leaflets.

The most common is this, with seven leaflets. It is very easy to remember. If it has seven leaflets, it is a compound leaflet. Some plants that have leaves with leaflets are cactuses, ferns, palms, ginkgoes, and morning glories.