The Best Way to Choose A Gundam Model Kit

Gundam Model Kit

Gunpla is a popular hobby among Gundam anime fans and model enthusiasts. Gunpla kits are scale models of the various mobile suits from the Gundam franchise. These kits come in different grades and scales, each with its own level of detail and complexity.

Understanding the Gunpla grade and scale system is crucial for choosing your first model once you’ve made the decision to start collecting Gundam kits. To ensure that you purchase the correct model the first time, we break down the method for you.

Grade Levels

There are four main grade levels of Gunpla kits: High Grade (HG), Real Grade (RG), Master Grade (MG), and Perfect Grade (PG).

  • High Grade (HG) kits are the most affordable and easy to assemble. They are typically 1/144 scale and come with minimal parts and articulation. HG kits are perfect for beginners and those looking for a quick build. Despite their simplicity, HG kits still offer a good level of detail and customization. They come with a variety of interchangeable parts, allowing you to create different versions of the same mobile suit or even custom designs. The parts are also molded in different colors, eliminating the need for painting in most cases.
  • One of the advantages of HG kits is that they are great for practicing and experimenting with different painting and weathering techniques. Since they are relatively inexpensive, you can try out different techniques without worrying too much about ruining an expensive kit.
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  • Real Grade (RG) kits are 1/144 scale and feature a high level of detail and articulation. They have more parts than HG kits and require a bit more patience and skill to assemble. RG kits are a great option for intermediate model builders. One of the most notable features of RG kits is their “Realistic Decals” which are waterslide decals that add an extra layer of detail and accuracy to the model. The decals are designed to replicate the markings and designs of the actual mobile suits from the anime.
  • RG kits also have a higher part count than HG kits, which means they offer more detail and customization. The parts are molded in multiple colors, which reduces the need for painting, but the extra detail makes these kits a great starting point for those who want to practice their painting and weathering techniques.
  • Master Grade (MG) kits are 1/100 scale and are the most popular grade among Gunpla enthusiasts. They have even more detail and articulation than RG kits and are larger in size. MG kits require a higher level of skill and patience to build, but the end result is a highly detailed and poseable mobile suit. 
  • MG kits come with a higher part count than HG or RG kits and offer a high degree of customization. They also come with a wide range of accessories, including weapons, alternate hands, and other interchangeable parts.
  • One of the most notable features of MG kits is their inner frame system, which provides a high level of articulation and allows for dynamic posing. The inner frame is made up of multiple parts that can be assembled and detailed separately before being attached to the outer armour.
  • Perfect Grade (PG) kits are the largest and most complex grade of Gunpla kits. They are 1/60 scale and come with the most parts and articulation. PG kits are recommended for advanced builders with a lot of experience building Gunpla models. PG kits come with a very high part count, with some kits containing over 1,000 parts. They are designed to be assembled in multiple stages, starting with the inner frame and progressing to the outer armor.
  • One of the most notable features of PG kits is their extensive detail, with many parts featuring intricate molding and surface detailing. PG kits also often come with advanced gimmicks, such as light-up LED systems, moving parts, and other special effects.
  • PG kits are designed to be the ultimate challenge for experienced builders and collectors, offering a high level of detail and customization.

Scale Sizes

In addition to grade levels, Gunpla kits also come in different scale sizes. The most common scale sizes are 1/144 and 1/100, but there are also 1/60 and 1/48 scale kits available.

  • 1/144 scale kits are smaller and less detailed than 1/100 scale kits. They are great for building collections or for those who have limited display space.
  • 1/100 scale kits are larger and more detailed than 1/144 scale kits. They are recommended for intermediate to advanced builders who want a high level of detail and articulation.
  • 1/60 scale kits are even larger and more detailed than 1/100 scale kits. They are recommended for experienced builders who want a show-stopping centerpiece for their collection.
  • 1/48 scale kits are the rarest and largest of all Gunpla kits. They are recommended for expert builders who want the ultimate challenge and the most detailed results.


Grades and scales of Gunpla kits offer various levels of detail, complexity, and affordability. Beginners can start with the High Grade (HG) kits and work their way up to the more advanced Master Grade (MG) and Perfect Grade (PG) kits. The scale size of the kit also plays a crucial role in the level of detail and complexity. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s a Gunpla kit out there for everyone to enjoy.