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Top 5 Data Add-on Plans for Jio Users

Reliance Jio is still one of India’s largest phone companies. The company is also known for putting out Jio mobile recharge online plans that give customers a lot of choices for a reasonable price. But the company recently raised the prices of its prepaid plans. So, the company has developed new data plans for its customers that come with exciting perks.

Let’s look at each of These 4G data plans more closely.

Below given are some of the Jio mobile recharge online plans :

Rs 15 Jio 4G Data Booster Plan

Jio’s cheapest 4G data plan right now is this little voucher, which gives users an extra 1GB of data on top of the data that comes with their main mobile recharge plan. There are no call or SMS benefits with the voucher.

Rs 25 Jio 4G Data Booster Plan

Jio’s Rs 25 plan gives you 2GB of unlimited data and another relatively cheap 4G data voucher (not restricted to a single day). This data plan could be beneficial if you use up your daily data limit and only need 2GB more. The good thing about this plan is that you can use what is left of the 2GB plan for as long as your main Jio plan is still active.

Rs 61 Jio 4G Data Booster Plan

The Jio Rs. 61 recharge plan is for people who suddenly need a few GB of extra data because of something out of their control (say working from home for a week). Like the other plans on this list, you need to use this data plan in addition to your current Jio plan. The pack gives you 6GB of high-speed internet in total.

Rs. 121 4G Data Booster Plan from Jio

Jio’s Rs 101 4G data voucher gives you 12GB of extra data on top of what you get as part of your daily data limit. Like the other three data plans, we listed above, this one needs to be used in addition to your regular mobile recharge plan. The data that comes with this data plan is only suitable for as long as your current plan is good. and Doing a Jio mobile recharge online is very quick and easy with Bajaj Finserv app because they provide multiple payment methods such as net banking, NEFT, debit & credit card, UPI and e-wallet, etc.

Top 5 Jio Add-on Pack 

Rs 181 Data Add-On Pack from Jio

Jio has developed a new plan that gives customers 30GB of data for 30 days. This means that Jio’s data will be renewed every 30 days. This pack does nothing for your voice. When your data is used up, the speed will drop to 64Kbps.

Rs 241 Data Add-On Pack from Jio

Next is the Rs 241 work-from-home pack, which is more expensive but has 40GB of data and the same 30-day validity as the Rs 181 pack. Again, we can see that when the data is used up, the speeds will drop to 64Kbps.

Rs. 301 Jio Data Add-On Pack

The Rs 301 data voucher is the most expensive 4G data plan that Jio has to offer. It comes with 50GB of data and is suitable for 30 days. As you already know, that is no longer true.

This Reliance Jio 4G data voucher has some exciting features. It costs Rs 555 and is suitable for 55 days. The plan also includes 55GB of data for the whole time, which is good. 

Rs 2,878 Data Add-On Pack

The Rs 2878 plan comes next on this list. Jio’s data add-on pack is good for 365 days or a whole year. It also gives you 2GB of data daily for as long as the plan is valid. This means you get 730GB of data in total, making it one of the best plans on this list.

Rs 2,998 Data Add-On Pack

Reliance Jio’s plan that costs the most is the Rs 2,998 Data Add-On Pack. The add-on pack is valid for 365 days. It also includes 2.5GB of data every day. This means that users can use 912.5GB of data during the validity period.

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