We are dedicated to protecting

However, it’s important to remember that once these metals are released into the environment, they cannot be recovered.

Bacmetall is working together with other companies and organizations to provide educational opportunities and a better future for everyone.

Once the catalysts are removed from catalytic converters and put back in circulation, they enter our waterways, soil, and eventually the food chain. This process is called a “closed-loop economy” and it helps to prevent pollution.

We are dedicated to protecting the planet by Catalytic Recycling working towards an end to the mining of precious metals such as rhodium, iridium, and palladium. We are also dedicated to educating the world about what we can do to save our planet and protect those precious metals.

One of our projects includes a video series called The Story of Metals. In this series, we explore the production of valuable materials and how that production affects our society, environment, and culture.