What is Prince II qualification?

One of the most popular project management methodologies today is Prince 2 project management. As the name suggests, Prince 2 is mainly used by those at a senior level to manage projects. It allows for the implementation of projects which are both predictable and flexible. An important principle of the prince 2 methodology is the use of an architecture framework that will allow project managers to plan, implement and control the project. It helps the project manager to understand the entire scope of the project. The overall project can be divided into different Prince2 project management modules that have sub-modules.  These sub-modules are then further divided into smaller components and these components are finally made of individual tasks.  Prince 2 project management focuses on creating a system that has the ability to create and execute tasks. Tasks are used to define an activity, which must be carried out for the project to reach a certain milestone. The first step is the creation of the task definition, which is followed by the analysis of the task. Once the task is analysed, a task plan is created. This is followed by the creation of a timeline and the implementation of the task plan. The process ends with the execution of the tasks and the analysis of the results. The project manager can review the results and take corrective measures to make improvements and the system is updated accordingly.