What is the best aluminum alloy for casting?

. This alloy gives our customers a very competitive product with its exceptional quality. The weight reduction of a single airplane in one hundred percent aluminum is approximately ten percent, which is almost half the weight of the previous alloy, 300 series aluminum.

A380 is also suitable for applications that require more strength, like large engines and transmission housings. It is the first all-aluminum alloy that was used successfully in dies, but it is not yet widely used for this purpose.

It is easy to manufacture with minimal post-cast processing and therefore is attractive to our customers who require very strict quality A380 diecast aluminum control. A380 has been tested to the same standards as conventional alloys.

A380 is a proprietary alloy that does not contain any major elements that would adversely affect aircraft performance. It meets the stringent requirements of aircraft certification testing in Europe and the United States. It is used in the wings, tailplane, empennage, landing gear, cockpit, fuselage and other major structural parts of Airbus commercial airliners and business jets.

A380 offers high performance characteristics that allow it to be used in applications requiring excellent corrosion resistance, heat treatment and machining properties.

It is ideally suited for the creation of components for high performance engines and transmissions.