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What is the cheapest way to move?

There are different ways of moving: the move alone, the participatory move, the professional move with a mover, the move with friends or family and that with neighbors. Each of the methods has its advantages and disadvantages and Movers London. Depending on the context, you will therefore have to choose the solution that seems most suitable for your situation and your budget .

How to save money with your mover?

If you want to go through a mover, you can reduce your costs in different ways.
Before the move

Pick up cheap boxes wherever you can

First of all, it is important to find boxes in advance to anticipate the cheap transport of your belongings. You can buy them in stores specializing in moving boxes. In general, your mover offers them when he makes the move. Also look in your attic or cellar, there must be a few boxes lying around waiting for a second life…
You can also use the platform for exchanging free moving boxes between individuals created by MyDemenageur. People who have just moved near you may want to get rid of their boxes. In addition, after your move, this platform will also be a good way for you to get rid of the boxes you no longer need.
To pick up boxes for free, all you have to do is go to the merchants in your neighborhood. Most have boxes they use to unpack their goods, but these boxes end up in the trash. You can also ask all your friends and neighbors if they have any boxes they don’t use that they could give to you.

Sort it out

Sorting through your belongings before moving will allow you to limit the number of items you carry and thus lower the bill. With the 80/20 rule , identify the objects that bring you positive and value in your life (20% of your belongings) and throw away, give away or sell the belongings for which you no longer have an interest and which invaded your home (80%).
Also identify broken, damaged items that you no longer use to free up space in your apartment or house, but also in your head. For example, if your wardrobe is overflowing and you only wear 20% of your clothes, take the time to define which clothes you want to keep.
A move is the perfect opportunity to sort through all your belongings. We pile up, we pile up, we don’t realize… but when you have to move, it’s no longer a small rental truck that you need… it’s a semi-trailer!

Choose the best time to move

On weekends, you may have more volunteers to help you because everyone is working on weekdays. You can also benefit from attractive rates for the rental of your vehicle because Sunday is often included in the rental. In this case, the vehicle must be returned on Monday morning during working hours, it is important to plan this time slot, you risk arriving late for work that day!
However, the daily cost may be more advantageous on weekdays because there are fewer requests. If possible, also avoid the months of June to September because there are many moves during these periods following transfers and for the start of the school year. So favor the other months, the low season with the movers, the cost of your rental will be lower.

Rent or borrow a cheap truck

If you can borrow a truck from a friend or a friend of a friend for free… that’s ideal. If you don’t have this pearl on hand, you can rent a vehicle on a collaborative platform like DriiveMe or from a professional car rental company, but it’s a little more expensive. This comparator can help you find the cheapest utility near you.
You want to move “on your own” but take all the precautions to ensure that your furniture and equipment arrive intact and in good condition! You can then rent trucks equipped with suitable tools (hand trucks, blankets, boxes, etc.).
On moving day, the most economical solutions!

Hire cheap labor

Compare the proposals of the big arms
The proposals of the movers differ according to their specialties. For example, one mover may be more competitive over long distances while another specializes in short distances. In addition, some movers charge all their customers for the provision of boxes, while others make this service optional. It will therefore be necessary to find the proposal of the mover who best meets your moving problem.

What assistance for my move?

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for certain assistance:
If you are moving for professional reasons, your employer may cover all or part of your costs with mobility assistance.
Some insurance companies also offer their members discounts with certain approved movers.
If you have a large family and a child under the age of two, you can also get assistance from CAF even if you are moving yourself.
Pôle Emploi also offers relocation assistance as part of a return to work.
Find out!After the move

Don’t pay unnecessary fees

When you move into a new home, you have to pay for the costs of opening electricity, gas and water meters. Arrange with previous tenants so that they only ask for a meter reading instead of closing their contracts. This will save you from reopening fees. Then simply contact the service providers (EDF, etc.) to inform them that you are taking over the accommodation. They will simply perform a file transfer and Removal Companies
And if all that bores you, startups like Papernest offer to take care of it all. From termination to subscription, your contracts are transferred free of charge in a few clicks.

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