When can you book an MOT? And What do MOT problems and cautions mean?


Despite the fact that the MOT Bermondsey is an annual test, you may have your automobile undergo it 30 days before the current certificate expires. You also have the freedom to get your automobile mended whenever you want if it breaks down. But before your current certificate expires, you must retake the test.

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If your vehicle malfunctions, you can still drive it (unless it malfunctioned due to a serious condition) since the certificate is still in effect and still valid. However, you are accountable if a collision occurs as a result of something the automobile just failed a test for since you were aware it would be dangerous.

What do MOT problems and cautions mean?

A Car tyres London checks a car to make sure it complies with the very minimal standards for road safety. However, there are several issues that, if not fixed, might make it fail further testing. This might be anything from brake pipes that are beginning to rust to tyres that have reached the legal minimum tread depth.

There are four categories for these:

  • A worn tyre is an example of an advisory you should be aware of.
  • Minor flaws are mistakes that need correcting.
  • Before the automobile receives a new pass certificate, significant problems must get fixed.
  • Even though the current certificate hasn’t expired, dangerous flaws prevent the automobile from driving.
  • Ask for confirmation that the issues are properly resolved if you are considering purchasing a secondhand automobile and you notice MOT warnings or flaws. As an alternative, you may ask the vendor to lower the price to cover the cost of the work.

When is my MOT due?

Many drivers assert that they have expired MoTs because they forgot. You can receive a reminder from your garage when the test is due. You may, however, sign up for the government’s MoT reminder service if you forget.

Pre-MOT checklist

According to official statistics, 40% of automobiles fail their initial MoT. According to the report, over half of those are for straightforward issues that motorists might identify and, in many cases, fix on their own.

Check these things before the MOT:

  • If your vehicle has fog lamps and turn indicators, they all function properly.
  • tyres, including the spare if the vehicle has one, for the required legal tread depth and inflation pressure
  • Windshield wiper blades are not ripped or otherwise harmed.
  • Every liquid is at the proper level.
  • The centre of the windscreen is completely intact, with no chips or fractures, and all of the light lenses are in good condition.

Do vehicles using alternative fuels like an electric, hybrid, and others require an MOT?

Cars that use alternative fuel sources are nonetheless tested, even though the MOT test places a strong emphasis on emissions. Since hybrid, electric, and hydrogen fuel cell cars have become more and more common in recent years, you must still MOT Test London your car even if it doesn’t use conventional fuel. The main distinction is that your car might not need an emission test depending on which category it falls into.

Does passing an MOT imply that your vehicle is secure?

It’s a frequent misperception that getting an MOT certifies your vehicle as being secure and in excellent working order. In reality, a recent survey conducted by a major chain of MOT test centres revealed that 47% of individuals believe an annual MOT is the only maintenance a car would require.

It’s okay if you don’t completely grasp what a vehicle requires in terms of maintenance; after all, it might seem like a confusing issue. However, it’s crucial to realise that just because your car has passed an MOT doesn’t imply it’s safe.

If my MOT expires, can I still drive?

You cannot drive or store your car on a public road if the MOT has expired. You run the danger of getting into trouble and possibly fined if you do.

Driving your car to or from a place where repairs are being done, or to an MOT test that has been actually planned in advance, are the only exceptions to this regulation. You’re more likely to get stopped if you’re driving without an MOT Test London since there are more police automated number-plate recognition (ANPR) cameras. If this happens, you’ll need to show that you were only using your car for an authorised purpose.