Advantages of Hiring a BIM Outsourcing Company


Building Information Modeling is a powerful tool for superior construction management in the present day and age.

Many BIM outsourcing Companies provide backend support to architectural, engineering, and construction companies.

The AEC companies leverage the BIM Outsourcing Services to augment their in-house team and reduce significant production and licensing costs.

Advancement in technology and digitalization has made it possible for USA, UK Europen, middle eastern, and Australian-based AEC companies to partner with BIM outsourcing companies in Asian countries such as India, Vietnam, etc. 

Many product-based companies with their production offices based in countries such as India, and Vietnam leverage low production rates.

Just like those product companies, AEC companies can easily outsource BIM services to a service provider based in any geographical location.

This article discusses the basics of a BIM Outsourcing Company and the benefits of partnering with a BIM outsourcing company for achieving project goals.

What is a BIM Outsourcing Company?

A BIM Outsourcing Company is a service-based organization, offering building information modeling services to AEC companies based around the globe. These BIM outsourcing companies, such as CRESIRE, are well-versed in the latest

BIM standards such as PAS 1192 and ISO 19650. Acquaintance with these BIM standards needs expertise in understanding the construction management workflow and software skills.

Some of the common software for successful BIM implementation include; Revit, Navisworks, BIM 360, and Recap Pro. 

BIM outsourcing companies usually have the necessary software licensing required for successful BIM implementation.

The software licenses can get quite expensive for a company with limited usage of bim services on the project. Therefore, bim outsourcing services become important for AEC companies that don’t frequently use BIM on projects. 

The Common Services Offered by BIM Outsourcing Companies include –

  • 3D BIM Modeling
  • 4D Scheduling or Simulation 
  • 5D Cost Estimation 
  • 6D Facilities Management 
  • Construction and Shop Drawings

Benefits of Outsourcing BIM Projects

1 – Leveraging Knowledge of expert BIM Outsourcing Company 

BIM is still a new technology for many AEC professionals around the world. Even though many professionals understand the applications of BIM but are still not sure how to implement and leverage its maximum potential.

A good BIM outsourcing company understands the methodologies and follows a set of BIM standards to help you achieve project goals. 

For instance, if cost and collaboration are important concerns of the appointing party then the BIM outsourcing company will consult them with the right set of strategies and software.

These critical points are added to the BIM execution plan and Employer’s Information Requirement (EIR). 

The process of BIM is quite detailed. The documentation includes EIRs, Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP), and Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP).

All this information comprehensively demonstrates the project goals, milestones, appointed team members, and project goals. 

Beyond 3D/4D/5D/6D BIM, there are critical strategies and methodologies that a good BIM consultant can advise AEC companies for the effective implementation of BIM services on construction projects. 

2 – Reducing Production Costs using BIM Outsourcing Services

Producing information models, commonly known as BIM models requires the usage of advanced software such as Revit and Navisworks. This software is not free and has an expensive license per user.

If you don’t have in-house BIM capabilities then before purchasing the right BIM software you will have to find the right resources and train them with BIM methodologies.

So, before implementing BIM on the project you have a lot of investment in software and resources. If you do not have an ongoing and long-term bim requirement then it is surely worth investing heavily in resources and software.

To avoid these unnecessary production and implementation costs, it is advisable to partner with a BIM outsourcing company. This not only cuts production costs but also allows you to leverage competitive production rates offered by these bim outsourcing companies based in countries like India.

3 – Augmenting in-house team for BIM Services

Often Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) companies have limited BIM capabilities & knowledge within their organization.

In that case, partnering with a BIM Outsourcing Company helps them to create a backend office. Hence, augmenting the number of BIM resources at much lesser costs. 

Using BIM outsourcing companies, the appointing party avoids the hassle of hiring and training new resources. Also, sliding extra responsibilities off their employee’s shoulders.


Choosing the right BIM Outsourcing Company for your construction project is critical. You may find many BIM consultants around the globe.

However, it is important to know that BIM is beyond Revit modeling. BIM is a process of organizing construction data and design information into digital models and workspaces for effective collaboration and construction management. Hence, controlling construction costs and time overruns. 

It is important to check if your BIM outsourcing services provider is well versed with the latest BIM standards; ISO 19650 or PAS 19650.

If you simply looking for services such as; Revit modeling, clash detection, and cost estimation then proficiency with software such as Revit and Navisworks is sufficient. 

Outsourcing BIM services to a third-party consultant offers great benefits such as leveraging bim expertise, cost reduction, and reducing resource pressure.

BIM Outsourcing Company works parallelly with the design development right from the conceptual design development stage.

Hence, ensuring effective collaboration, design verification, and coordination right from the beginning of a construction project.

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