Best Horror Games For Players In 2023



Do you have a fear of the ocean? If so, try Narcosis (or perhaps don’t). You play as a survivor of an earthquake in a methane farming station at the bottom of the ocean in this game. You remain in your diving gear the entire time, with your oxygen supply diminishing by the second, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere.

At times, you are outside the station and investigating the ocean below, with the dread stemming from the weird, almost alien-like organisms you encounter. At other times, you’re inside the flooded station, and the terror is derived from the bizarre supernatural phenomena that appear to be occurring and the sensation of loneliness that can only be felt when you’re alone in a location where you’d expect to find people. It’s a super fantastic game that you should try in VR.

Arizona Sunshine

Nowadays, zombie games are a dime a dozen, so it can be difficult to distinguish between the good and the bad. Arizona Sunshine is, without a doubt, a terrific game and another ground-up VR experience, thus we highly suggest it to anybody seeking a VR horror game fix (and also anyone who likes FPS games, frankly).

The game’s popularity stems in part from the fact that, despite having an unidentified protagonist, the character you control has a great deal of personality. Over the course of the game, he provides comments and observations that are oftentimes amusing. Yet, this does not detract from the reality that the game may be legitimately terrifying, especially during a phase in which you cannot use a weapon because you must hold a torch.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a virtual reality horror game. Freddy stands between two other horrifying animatronics on stage in the dark, like the desired screenshot.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

There is nothing better than a classic jump fright, but which series has the finest jump scares? Five Nights at Freddy’s is a film. For those unaware, this is a series about mechanical creatures coming to life in a pizza parlor at night. Many have been horrified by these horrific monstrosities even playing on a standard monitor, so you can only image how terrifying they are in virtual reality.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Needed was created to transfer several of the series’ older gaming elements into a virtual reality experience. This implies that you will be strolling through the darkness corridors of this ancient pizza restaurant, terrified that one of the animatronics would murder you at any minute. It’s a really simple game, but it’s perfect for anyone seeking vintage thrills, and when it comes to that primal sensation of unease, FNAF has few rivals.

In this screenshot from the VR horror game Phasmophoibia, the protagonist is inside the van in which the game begins.


Since its 2020 debut, Phasmophobia has caused a stir in the horror world. This game is unique in that it is a horror experience built exclusively for cooperative play.

In many respects, it resembles a far more horrific version of Ghostbusters, as you and three other people visit a haunted house. You must then track down and destroy the ghost, despite the fact that the resident ghost is trying to murder you and your sanity is constantly deteriorating. But, it is entertaining, and if you and your pals enjoy being afraid together, you should try Phasmophobia (also check out our guide on games like Retro Bowl).

These are our recommendations; have you played them before? Or, why not give them a try today? Hopefully, the next time you are terrified to the point of bloodcurdling screams, it will be our fault. Check out our guides on the greatest horror games and the best PC games overall for additional gaming suggestions.