Custom Cone Sleeve: Gate Way to Brand’s Success


Ice cream is the favorite summer treat of people worldwide.  as the summer recurs, ice cream consumption is increased to cool down the temperature. Kids, adults, and teenagers love to add ice cream to their daily routines. It becomes difficult for ice cream lovers to deal with melted ice cream and prevent outfits from getting messy.  Many brands are selling the yummiest ice creams in various flavors. But they do not know how to make the brand notable with good ice cream packaging. Custom cone sleeves are the utmost reasonable and remarkable way to give long-lasting and catchy packaging.

Give Incredible Buying Experience to Customers with Personalized Cone Sleeve Packaging:

Nowadays, ice cream lovers want to see their ice creams packed stylishly.  You can break the monotony of traditional cone-sleeve packaging with the help of customization.   The customization process includes endless options.  You can customize the cone sleeve packaging as you want. You can choose the box’s size, shape, and color following your brands and product needs.  Besides, you can print the packaging with exclusive illustrations, graphics and

Replace Normal Paper Cone Sleeve with Kraft and Cardboard Paper:

Mostly, cone sleeves are made with normal paper. Its hygiene is also not ensured, and it looks unattractive as well.  These average-quality papers are prepared with toxic substances that can get mixed with ice cream and cause many health issues.    It’s time to displace traditional paper packaging with kraft and cardboard paper. The best thing about kraft and paper is their food-grade nature. These material options are entirely biodegradable and do not have any disastrous effect on the planet and food.  Thus, green packaging can be a plus point for your brand. Environmentally friendly packaging leaves a good impression about your brand and can give a reason to clients for visiting your shop.  Moreover, cardboard paper is sustainable and retains the ice cream’s natural flavor for longer.

Print Cone Sleeve Packaging with Engaging Theme Designs:

Kraft and cardboard paper are accustomed to prints. You can print cone sleeves with the logo design to make your brand’s item notable in the crowded market. However, if you need ice cream cone sleeves for personal use, like a birthday party or another special event. Then you can customize them with the exclusive characterized theme designs or add catchy quotes or birthday wishes to give an appealing look.  Offset and digital are two wonderful printing techniques.  You can select one of them that seems suitable to you.

Drive Out the Attention of Viewers with Colorful Cone Sleeve Packaging:

Do you want to add a luxurious touch to ice-crema packaging? Yes! Then you have to add colors to the packaging.  Ice cream comes in multiple flavored colors. Colorful cone sleeve packaging can add more style and refinement to the product. You can print the design with the theme color of the ice cream flavor. It will look delightful and can grab the attention of the ice cream obsesses in the meantime. There are two most preferable color schemes: CMYK and PMS. They stand opposite each other but create striking color prints.

(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key) creates four color shades (Pantone Matching System)
Cost-effective Costs-high than CMYK
Creates vibrant and quality prints Results in accurate and reliable results


Add Fun Flair to Cone Sleeve Packaging with Gloss Lamination:

Do you want to make cone sleeve packaging more exciting and eye-catchy? Yes!  Additional options, like embellishments and coatings, add durability and an extra finishing touch. The gloss finish will be the best add-on option. It gives an extra layer of protection and provides resistance against scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints.  Besides, gloss reflects the light and enhances the intensity of the colors. On the other hand, there is matt coating. It acts in contrast to gloss and provides a sophisticated and soft texture.

Outstand Logo Design with Silver and Gold Foil Stamp:

The cone sleeve with the logo image denotes the brand’s information.  It becomes easy for clients to remember the company’s name when they see it engraved on the cone sleeve with catchy fonts and colorful prints.  Silver and gold foil stamping is suggested to highlight the design pattern.

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