outdoor team building activities
Vector illustration of teamwork concept. Office workers are made up of parts of the whole, working on the project.

Team building is definitely a great way to deepen and strengthen the relationships between the members or a group or colleagues, while it also sharpens a variety of skills which includes communication and problem solving. And getting out of the office and going into the fresh air or participating in some outdoor team building activities is a win-win. And so if you also think it’s right, then we have mentioned below about some of the best outdoor activities that you as a team should definitely try out to develop some healthy relations.

So as you scroll down, you will find out details about some of the best outdoor activities which are considered to be best for healthy team building and what exactly does team building activities show or teach the members of the team. So keep reading to find out all the information.

List and Details of best outdoor team building activities

As outdoor activities are very important to stay fit and when done in a team, it also helps in team building as many people come together to concentrate on one activity. So we have mentioned below details of some of the best outdoor activities that you should definitely try out for building good team building skills.

So the activities are as follows:

  1. The Amazing Chase- This is actually inspired by the very popular television reality show called ‘The Amazing Race’ in which various teams run and race around the World, in which all the groups participating in the competition are required to solve puzzles and interact with the locals and complete the challenges. In this interactive scavenger hunt, the team has to follow clues around the city and there they encounter mental and physical challenges to move on to the next destination.

This is one of the most popular physical activities because people get a good chance to bond with one another while they also explore the location.

Recommendation for the outdoor venue- This is the activity which can take place in any city. It is also a great way to see around and see the location in a new light or explore a totally new location. For instance, the team is out on a corporate retreat or participating in some out-of-town conference.

  1. Hiking- If you are picking any local trail to explore, just gather your coworkers and enjoy an amazing day out in nature. If you want, you could even start a hike club because this can definitely turn a hit for you as there are many hike lovers.

The recommendation of an outdoor venue for one of the best outdoor team building activities is- You can choose any hike trail. It also depends on the people in the group as if they would consider choosing an easy hike or a hard hike and then it could be more interesting. If you are searching for the right spot, then you can use a tool called AllTrails which can help you find a good spot.

  1. Corporate Castaways- This is one of those hosted activities which will have your group split into tribes to face and tackle mentals and fun physical challenges and to compete in a competition or challenge which is inspired by the television show called ‘Survivor’. Some examples of the challenges that are included in it are:
  1. Tuckered Out- In this, tribes will go head-to-head as they will attempt to be the first to eat on the unappealing item of food.
  1. Jumbled- In this, the tribes work in pairs and then they will try to collect three hidden sacks which contain letter tiles that they have to use to form the phrase.
  1. City Chase- In city chase, the team will be embarking on a very fun, fast-paced and a high energy downtown scavenger hunt adventure. Teams will be competing to complete 12 rounds of video, photo, trivia and text messages-response challenges that are focused on famous landmarks and locations in your city.

Outdoor Venue recommendation- You can just go on the streets of any city or your hometown with your team.

  1. Beach Volleyball- This is one of the best outdoor team building activities as it is nothing but a little friendly competition out on the court on a beach which will bring the colleagues together. All you need to do is to head to a local beach, then set up some nets (most of the beaches have balls and nets that are available to rent for a day) or you can also bring your own, then split up into teams and just spike!

Now to make things a little sillier and also a little less competitive, you can also consider using a giant beach volleyball. Sounds like a good idea, right?

Also the recommended outdoor venue for it is- This is the activity which can take place at any park or beach. All you need to do is to make sure to be considerate of your surroundings at the busier locations.

  1. Wild-Goose Chase- This is one of the easiest outdoor team building activities as it is a smartphone based scavenger hunt in which groups will split into teams and then complete fun challenges by taking videos and photos around the city/town. Some examples of the challenges and competitions that you should do in this activity are:
  1. Puppy Love
  2. Beautiful Mind
  3. Parkour

The recommended outdoor venue for this activity is- this outdoor activity can take place in any of the city. It is also a great way to see around your city in a new light or you can just explore a new city. For example, your team is out on some retreat which is corporate or they are participating in an out-of-town conference.

What does outdoor team building activities show or teach the members?

Outdoor activities can show three very important things to all the members which are as follows:

  1. Collaboration engenders optimal performance.
  2. Camaraderie puts goals within reach
  3. Communication makes or breaks an objective.

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Outdoor activities can help a lot in team building between the members and so we have mentioned above details of some of the best outdoor team building activities which you must have read by now and should definitely try out as a team.

So what are you waiting for? The outdoors are waiting for you!! Get outside and enjoy any of the teamwork activities that are mentioned above.