How to Create a Stylish and Eye-Catchy Popcorn Box Wholesale?


Custom Popcorn Boxes Wholesale

Today, popcorns are very demanding snack in the world. These snacks are loveable because of their quick manufacturing process. People love to have them while binge-watching Netflix or in theatres, schools, colleges, etc. You can enhance the worth of your popcorn with custom popcorn boxes. These custom-made boxes will help you establish the true identity of your brand. Besides this, they provide your popcorn with the best protection against moisture, contamination, dirt, etc.

There are plenty of brands that are in the popcorn business. So how to distinguish your brand from fellow brands?  Its ultimate solution is to create the trendiest and exclusive box for popcorn packaging. Here we will bring some personalized solutions to light that will significantly help to construct innovative popcorn box packaging. These include:

Addition of Appealing Prints and Graphics

In customization, you can print boxes with pretty and delightful designs. So, you can add cartoon characters, delightful images related to the products, or inspiriting quotes to create an appealing box. Along with the outside of the printing, you can print the popcorn carton from the inside. The inside prints will leave the buyers in awe while eating popcorn.

Selection of Colors for Enticing Prints

The colorful box’s packaging has a significant impact on the audience. You can enhance the worth of the design patterns by printing them with bright and dazzling colors. We offer two color schemes, CMYK and PMs.

Popcorn Box with Window Die-Cuts

The addition of die-cuts in the box looks very impressive. You can add a transparent PVC sheet on the windows to increase the visibility of the products.

Use of Custom Popcorn Boxes for Promotional Purposes

Custom popcorn boxes can be an excellent promotional tool. You can use them for various advertisement purposes. First of all, they are mostly used in cinemas and theatres. So, you can use the box to promote movies or theatre dramas. You can print the name or image of the movie. Besides this, you can create awareness about global issues like climate change, water crises, breast cancer awareness, and many more.

Create Brand Awareness with Popcorn Box Logo

Generally, printed popcorn boxes are used to promote the brand’s name. You can create a distinct logo or catchy tagline related to your popcorn brand. This will make it convenient for customers to find their favorite brand’s popcorn.

Act Green with Custom Popcorn Boxes

Nowadays, climate change has become a rising threat. So, you must be thinking about ways to reduce the emission of gases and footprints in the atmosphere. Our popcorn packaging constructed with renewable and long-lasting materials are the best way to green packaging. Apart from the material, we also use food-grade inks and laminations to give an overall natural look to the packaging. However, our stock options include the following:

  1. Kraft Paper
  2. Cardboard Paper

Kraft and cardboard are the most approved material options. They are sustainable and safe for the health of the planet as well. You can reuse kraft and cardboard paper packaging. Besides this, you can print cardboard popcorn boxes with prints and add-ons.

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