How To Get The Best Performance Out Of Your Dash Cam

car dash camera
car dash camera

A dashcam is the most effective way of managing reckless driving. It also helps capture those enjoyable moments of a road trip. It is also a way of getting concrete evidence in a lawsuit. Installing a dashcam does not necessarily imply getting the best footage.

After installing it properly and configuring all the basic settings, there are several things you can do to ensure that the quality of your footage is maintained. To get the best performance in a car dash cam, you can do the following:

Be On the Lookout for New Firmware Updates

A quality dash cam will serve you for a very long time. When launched for the first time, they were installed only with the best qualities for that particular time. As technology advanced, problems such as bugs advanced with them. Manufacturers update their systems to counter these problems.

Always check on the dash cam firmware updates to ensure you are up to date with the security measures put in and get the new features launched. By checking the manufacturer’s website, you can know if there has been any latest update.

Checking The Micro SD Cards 

Faltering of the dash cam is usually caused by an unformatted SD card or a replaced and worn-out card. Unformatted SD cards clogged with data result in errors, such as full memory. You should format memory after every two months. If you have files you may require later, create a backup. When replacing a dash cam, it is good to monitor your usage with the dash cam. 

For optimal performance, you can use an SD card with a larger capacity to hold videos without overwriting the older ones.

Check With The Speaker Whether The Voice Notification Is ON

It is important to ensure that your dash cam camera speaker works properly. You can get all the critical information when you need it most. When the voice notification is ON, you can get all the important notifications from what is happening in your car.

Regularly check if the speaker and the voice notification are working effectively and do not have an error. While most dashcams will alert you if they have an error, you may fail to get this error notification if muted.

Ensure Your Windscreen Is Clean

The dash cam in your car might be working optimally, but the dirt on the windscreen might be preventing it from giving crystal clear views. A dirt windscreen, especially for those who drive on salty roads, may prevent the dashcam from clearly capturing important things on the road. 

Try to wipe the inside of your windscreen with a window cleaner or soft cloth. Keep your wipers ON when driving in the rain to prevent a blurry view.

Ensure You Have the Correct GMT 

Modern cameras are good at remembering your settings. Ensuring that you have the right GMT set that properly indicates your location time is essential to ensure that every video you capture has the right time stamp and dates.

The exact time and date stamps might be a lifesaver in accidents and other occurrences. While the modern dash cam camera will always set them automatically even after they are booted, you want to ensure you get everything to chance.

Regular checkups are key even for car camera with monitor like CarCam2 with high resolution, SOS functionality and large spaces. They help lengthen the cameras’ life span, ensure they work optimally, and provide the best videos.