How to Video Record on Mac – 5 Tips to Know

How to Video Record on Mac

How to Video Record on Mac


If you want to make a screen recording on Mac, then this article will show you how. It includes information on using the Capto app, the iMovie program, and ChatMate for WhatsApp. Using these applications can help you record videos on Mac easily.

However, it is best to use programs that support video recording, such as QuickTime Player. If you don’t have these programs, you can download them from the App Store.


Capto allows you to record video on mac

If you are looking for an easy way to record screen on Mac, Capto is a great choice. Not only does it allow you to capture the screen of an iPhone or iPad, but it also gives you the option of adding voiceover.

In addition to recording video, Capto also includes an image editor so you can enhance and correct screenshots. You can also use Capto’s easy file manager to keep your videos and screenshots organized.


QuickTime Player

How to record video on Mac can be as simple as opening QuickTime Player from the Applications folder or the Launchpad. You can click the “New Screen Recording” button or press Command+Space to type the name of the application.

After you open QuickTime Player, you can select the area of the screen you want to record. After that, you can either click the “stop” icon or command+control+N to stop recording.


The iMovie video recorder for Mac helps you to create and edit movies. The application helps you to record your favorite moments, whether they are short videos or full-length movies. Once you have recorded the video, you can easily import it into iMovie.

To do so, you must launch the application and select the Import button from the “File” menu. Once you have imported the video, you can choose a new project from the “Project” tab.

Drag the video into the timeline. You can stop recording the video by clicking on the stop button.


ChatMate for WhatsApp

Uninstalling ChatMate for WhatsApp 4.1.0 on Mac is fairly simple and straightforward, but newbies may not be familiar with this process.

To remove the app from your Mac, you can follow these steps:


Capturing a section of the screen

You can capture a portion of the screen while video recording on Mac without any special software. The screenshot utility comes as a default feature in macOS since macOS Mojave.

This free application comes with many useful features, including a built-in microphone for recording audio, a timer for timed recordings, the ability to record mouse clicks for tutorials, and support for AirPlay.

Changing the sound settings

If you are having trouble recording sound when screen-recording on your Mac, it is easy to change the sound settings. The sound output device on your Mac can be changed in the Sound Preferences menu. This will change the sound from your microphone or the system audio to something else.

Using the system microphone will allow you to record voice and other external sounds. Then, you can choose the output format and quality of your video.

Using an external camera

While many Mac computers come with a built-in camera, if you want to record videos with an external camera, you can do it, too. First, connect your external camera to your Mac via a USB cable.

Once connected, open Photo Booth and select the camera as your video source. Alternatively, you can use a screen recorder to record video on Mac using an external webcam.

Using a screen recorder will let you freely choose the audio source for recording videos. You can also use the microphone to capture sound.


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