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It was first used to print newspapers and then books


For centuries, people have been interested in making printed documents. However, people couldn’t make their own printing press until the 18th century.

The first printing press was invented in the year 1448 by Johannes Gutenberg. He also developed movable type to print books using the Gutenberg Bible.

Before then, people used carved wooden blocks. They would type out the text of the book using individual wooden letters.

For many years, printers had to rely on the handwritten text. It was very difficult to use this method as the quality of the text was not good. In addition, it was hard to maintain the quality of the text. The invention of lithography 24 Hour printing London has made printing much easier.

It was first used to print newspapers and then books and other things. Most of the documents are still being printed using this method.

There are different methods for making printing. The most popular ones are offset printing and flexographic printing.

Offset printing involves printing multiple copies at one time. For example, you might want to print a business card or your own website.

This method is usually slower than other types of printing. This is why it isn’t very popular for printing things that need a high level of quality. However, this method is more popular for books and some special papers like cardboard.



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