Simple Methods for Downloading or Saving Instagram Videos

Saving Instagram Videos

How to Download or Save Videos from Instagram in a Simple Way Have you seen something amazing on Instagram and want to save it right away? However, do you know how to save an Instagram video? Guess what, here we are going to talk about the use of Instagram video downloader in a easy way.

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When it comes to Instagram marketing then it shows the benefits of Instagram marketing with these tools, videos are a marketer’s best tool. Over 85% of companies have chosen to incorporate videos into their marketing strategy, and they will continue to do so. Thanks to additions like Instagram stories, Instagram Live, and IGTV, among others, Instagram has made videos extremely accessible to small businesses.

Even better, you can successfully execute your Instagram marketing strategy by scheduling these videos with a social media scheduler!

To return to the temptation you experience whenever you find something appealing on Instagram, you should be aware that there is no specific method for saving videos to your collection. However, there are specific methods for downloading Instagram videos. You will be guided through them in various settings by this blog.

How to Download Instagram Videos on PC?

How to Download Videos from Instagram to Your PC If you want to download a video from Instagram without using an online service or a third-party program, you can do so directly from the source code. The steps are as follows:

Select “Inspect element” from the context menu when you right-click on the video you want to download. On your browser, it may also be “View page source.”

Now, use the Crtl+F keys to open the “Find” icon and type “.mp4” into the search box. A section of code will open up. Simply copy the link that is displayed next to “src” and paste it into a new tab to begin watching the video. Then select “save video as” with the right mouse button. That is how you can download the video.

How to Download Instagram Videos on iPhone?

How to Download Videos from Instagram to Your iPhone Users of iPhones already face enough difficulties when it comes to downloading or saving content from the internet. However, they do not need to be concerned about downloading Instagram videos. How to download Instagram videos to your iPhone:

Go to the video you want by opening the Instagram app on your phone. Now select “copy link” by clicking on the three dots that are located above the video. Open the Instagram video downloader in Safari and paste the video link there. The servers will retrieve the Instagram video as soon as you hit the download button. Your video will be ready when you hit the download button. After that, Safari will prompt you to download the video or photo; simply click the button. The download’s progress can be monitored from the download’s icon.

How to Download Instagram Videos on Android?

How to Download Instagram Videos on Android Android users have it slightly easier than iPhone users to check the downloaded video once the upload is finished. Next, select the video, choose the Share icon, and select “Save video” to save the downloaded version in your photo gallery. All of the videos you watch on an Android device are saved automatically; you just need to find where they are saved. What you need to do is as follows:

To begin, open your phone’s “File manager” and navigate to Android>data>com.instagram,android>cache>videos. Make sure you watch the entire video to ensure that it is downloaded.

All of the videos you’ve viewed will be listed here, each with a.extension. To play them, tap on them and select the “video” option. Keep in mind that all of these videos will be cached. All of the videos will also be lost if the cache on your phone is deleted.

How to Download Reels Video from Instagram?

How to Download Videos from Instagram Reels These days, Instagram reels are extremely popular. If you want to take full advantage of their popularity, you should determine the ideal posting time on Instagram and publish them at that time. If you want to download Instagram reels, you need to know that you need an app from a third party. For Instagram post size, you can use Repost or In Saver. However, reels can always be saved within the app itself. How to save Instagram reels is as follows:

Select the search button when you open the Instagram app. You can search for the reels video you want to save from there. You can also do this from a user’s profile. To do this, simply select the reels video you want to download from the new reels tab next to IGTV. Once the reel is open, select the three dots icon from the menu at the bottom and select “save.” To access the saved reel, tap your profile icon > the hamburger menu icon > Settings > Account > Saved.

How to Download Instagram Videos Online?

How to Download Instagram Videos Online Using third-party apps is an option if you want to download videos about Instagram post ideas online. Risebroadband internet is a dependable connection that is required for this. The best Instagram video downloaders for 2023 are as follows:

InstaDownloader W3toys Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App InstaOffline DownloadGram KeepVid Downloader for Instagram + direct message.

How to Download Private Account Instagram Videos?

To download private account Instagram videos, you must first install the Save Insta app. You can proceed with the following steps once you create an account there:

Log in to your Instagram account using the browser on your phone or computer.

Select the video from the private account you like and copy the link.

In the first box above, paste the video’s link.

After that, press the copy button, open a new web page, and then paste the text there.

Copy all of the text on the page by selecting it all.

Paste the text into the third box when you return to the private downloader.

The video will start downloading as soon as you click the Download button instead of the View button.

Your gallery will be saved with the video.

How to Get IGTV Videos?

IGTV videos are a fantastic addition to the array of features offered by Instagram. They are rocking the market because they are so engaging. To stay on top of your game, you can use a social media scheduler to schedule posts for Instagram and IGTV.

Furthermore, if you want to download these, we have a tutorial for you!

How to Save Videos from IGTV to Your iPhone?

If you want to save videos from IGTV to your iPhone, a third-party app like Repost: the best option would be for Instagram. The procedure is as follows:

Download and install Repost first: from the Apple App Store for Instagram.

Navigate to the IGTV video you want to download from the Instagram app.

At the bottom of the video, select the icon with three dots.

After selecting “Copy Link,” launch the Repost app.

Repost will automatically recognize the link you copied: to Instagram Tap the arrow to the right of the IGTV video to download it.

From the top right, select the save icon.

To save the IGTV video to your iPhone’s camera roll, select “Save Video.”

How to Download IGTV Videos to an Android?

Device A third-party app called Video downloader for IGTV makes it simple to download IGTV videos to an Android device. You can use it to download videos in the following ways:

From the Play Store, download Video Downloader for IGTV first.

Navigate to the IGTV video you want to save to your phone in the Instagram app.

Select the three dots icon that is located next to the like, comment, and share icons at the video’s bottom.

To copy the video link to your clipboard, select “Copy Link.”

Select “Paste” when the IGTV app’s Video Downloader is open.

Select the download icon now to save the IGTV video to your phone.

In conclusion, many recently added features, such as Instagram filters, make Instagram even more fascinating because of its current high user base. In addition, do you need to know how to download videos from Instagram? Voila! You’re finished! You can learn everything you need to know about downloading Instagram videos from this blog.

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