TeacherView by Radix Is Set to Disrupt the Education Sector Using Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Implementing new classroom management software comes with a number of competing considerations. IT administrators often have to balance goals against budgets, as well as time, implementation, and support constraints. Teachers and curriculum managers, on the other hand, are primarily concerned with ensuring that new technology solutions are easy to adopt and support student success. School principals and superintendents are tasked with balancing all of these concerns at once.

The transition to cloud-based classroom management software and its benefits

The good news is that cloud-based classroom management solutions like TeacherView by Radix provide the benefits schools need while reducing the cost and time spent on implementation, adoption and support. Additionally, Futuresource Consulting’s market data concludes that many educational institutions are moving to the cloud. At Radix, the team has worked with many schools that have transitioned from locally hosted software to cloud-based software, and they have shared their favorite benefits with us, including:

Distance Learning Support

In 2020, distance learning rapidly evolved from a “futuristic” concept to a sudden reality. Cloud-based classroom management software plays a key role in enabling distance learning because it can be accessed at school as well as at home with equal ease.

With a cloud-based solution like TeacherView, educators can guide and stay connected with their students as they work online using features like thumbnail screen monitoring, raise hand, show screen, web throttling, website “push” and more. It ensures that students are given the freedom they need to explore and grow online, but also the proper supervision and guidance to have truly meaningful learning experiences.

Easy Scalability and Flexibility

 “Try before you buy” is a good rule of thumb when it comes to software, and with a cloud-based solution like TeacherView, running pilots become much easier and more affordable.

With no hardware-related expense, IT administrators can set up a test in minutes for a small group or even an individual classroom. If the pilot goes well, it only takes a few clicks to scale up and deliver that software to an entire school or group of schools. TeacherView by Radix offers a free trial to help IT administrators and teachers alike feel confident in the value of the software before committing to a long-term purchase.

Additionally, IT administrators we’ve worked with report that cloud-based classroom management software helps them establish predictable costs, unlike locally hosted options, which can require unexpected hardware maintenance and costly upgrades. For most IT administrators, paying a monthly or annual fee is preferable to having to deal with server-related surprises.

If you are using a locally hosted classroom management solution and are not yet ready to make a full transition to the cloud, TeacherView can help. We provide cloud-based and locally-hosted solutions, or schools can use a combination of both.

Reduce Deployment Time and Improve Feature Adoption

Cloud-based classroom management offerings can vary, but most can be deployed in a matter of minutes. For example, TeacherView deployment only takes less than 15 minutes. Teachers can then simply link to Google Classroom to identify student devices and import class data.

But even more exciting than quick and easy deployment are software updates that IT administrators no longer have to manage. Cloud-based solutions push new features and functionality to an entire user base on an ongoing basis without service interruption. TeacherView makes small incremental updates, so end-user acceptance and adoption of the full set of features are high, and formal training time is significantly reduced.

Most importantly, IT staff don’t have to personally install updated software on each student device when an update is rolled out – the software will automatically update on all student devices. The move to 1:1 devices and distance learning, saves a lot of time.

Save maintenance and support time and resources

 With a cloud-based classroom management solution like TeacherView schools don’t host the software themselves, which means they’re not responsible for reviewing it, securing it, or making sure it’s up and running. Instead, TeacherView is responsible for actively ensuring that your solution works correctly. And if technical issues arise, IT admins can contact our team for support and training.

Try TeacherView for free

 When it’s time to evaluate school software, there are many reasons to try cloud-based software like TeacherView. Experience powerful cloud-based classroom management software that constantly evolves with changing needs and priorities and makes it easy to scale. Digital transformation and cloud adoption can be complex processes. To better support schools, TeacherView now offers optimized pricing, 3 options (per student, teacher, and school site license), and choose the best one for you. Wherever you are on your cloud adoption journey, TeacherView can help.