This way the plants can be grown at the same conditions

To keep the amount of light from changing the plant growth cycle, the plants are grown in a HID fixture.

The grow space is covered with black-out curtains to block all outside light, and the temperature and humidity are kept constant. This way the plants can be grown at the same conditions year after year. In an LED grow light, this would not be possible. LED grow lights provide the necessary blue and red wavelengths of light, but they do not emit enough visible light to make this work. In addition, LED Cannabis seeds grow lights often emit an uneven spectrum of light, which causes problems in the plant growth. Because this technology has not been developed yet, the LED grow light has not reached its full potential.

The grow space is equipped with fans to circulate fresh air and keep the air flowing through the growing area. With HPS lamps and LED grow lights, this is not needed. Fans are often unnecessary with HID grow lights because the intensity of the light can be controlled. This is an important safety feature because the intensity can easily be changed by an inexperienced operator. The fan also allows the grow room to be ventilated. HID lamps can cause moisture build-up and overheating. The fans keep the room fresh and healthy.