What Procedures Can Be Performed Using Minimally Invasive Techniques?

Minimally invasive surgeries are becoming increasingly important everywhere now. You will find many advancements in this sector as doctors consistently improve their medical experience for patients’ convenience. 

This article will talk about the many procedures performed using minimally invasive techniques. So, if you want to learn about the best hospital for spine surgery in India, read this article till the end. 

Let us read further to know more.  

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery 

The doctor has to make a few incisions in the abdomen in this procedure. The incisions are nearly ¼ to ½ inches long. A type of tool known as a Laparoscope is inserted into the patient’s body by the surgeon. This camera allows the surgeon to understand what problem the patient is going through in their body. 

It is an instant process, and the patient barely feels anything due to anaesthesia. You can also visit a doctor for the best hospital for spine surgery in India.

With this type of procedure, the doctor can perform the following surgeries: 


Bladder support surgery

Myomectomy (fibroid removal)

Gallbladder removal

Gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery


Hernia repair 

Hysteroscopic Surgery 

A type of tool known as hysteroscope is inserted into the cervix of the patient’s uterus. The camera on this tool helps the doctor understand the uterine cavity and determine its severity in need. 

During this surgery, the surgeon can help evaluate the uterine cavity for abnormalities and check the opening of the fallopian tubes. 

The procedure can be conducted for:

Remove fibroids

Open the fallopian tubes 

Remove intrauterine scarring 

Endometrial ablation 

Biopsy the endometrial lining

Vaginal Surgery 

If you have to undergo a very chronic gynaecologic surgery, the doctor may ask you to undergo this surgery. This type of surgery does not need you to undergo an abdominal incision at all. 

This type of procedure is used to perform:


Pelvic mass removal

Treatment of Endometriosis 

Uterine fibroid debulking 

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Robotic Surgery 

Similar to laparoscopic surgery, Robotic surgery needs small incisions to be made into the patient’s body for examination. Some small surgical instruments and a camera must also be inserted for further testing and comprehensive condition evaluation. 

But Robotic surgery is a tad bit more advanced as it uses 3D cameras for examination, which helps them see the problem more clearly in need.  

The Bottom Line 

If you think you need a minimally invasive procedure, do not hesitate to consult your doctor urgently and get it done on time. It will help improve your health in no time, diagnose your health, and help you. Always try to keep in touch with your doctor in case of any emergency and maintain a good lifestyle.

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