7 Cell Phone Repair Myths Debunked By Phone Repair Shop Phoenix

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Cell Phones have become the most important electronic gadgets. We use them daily for multiple purposes like communicating with family and friends, business, entertainment, assignments, navigation, and much more. Simply put, we cannot be detached from our smartphones now that our lives depend on them. When your phone faces a drop or impact, the first thing that comes to mind is to fix it yourself by looking at different tutorials on YouTube, or maybe you’d do something that your friend or neighbor might ask you to do to resolve the problem. After all, putting the smartphone in chai seeds and rice and walking backward around your room five times would dry your phone, right? DIYing or following hacks don’t hurt sometimes, but staying away from some of them is much better so your gadget can be permanently repaired. In this article, We Fix You Play, a phone repair shop in Phoenix debunked a few misconceptions and myths commonly believed by people. 

7 Cell Phone Repair Myths Debunked

  • The cell phone data will be wiped. 

It is commonly believed that if you take your cell phone to a repair store, your data will be wiped out. However, that’s not true. People mostly face the issue of broken phones, unresponsive batteries, chipped-off screens, water damage, button damage, and much more, but these hardware-related issues don’t affect your data. Therefore, you can get your smartphone repaired without fearing data loss. If you still don’t have any confirmation, you can ask your expert technicians about it. He will tell you honestly if your data will be wiped or not. If your data faces a software problem, you might face data loss issues. It is always better to back up the data in any external storage drive. If you have iPhone, you can use iCloud to store your data. 

  • You have to go to a manufacturer.

If you have damaged your smartphone, it is unnecessary to go to a manufacturer to repair your device. Repairing the device from a manufacturer can cost you alot as well. Third-party repair shops like phone repair shops in Phoenix have technicians who are trained in this field and have years of experience. However, going to a manufacturer might feel like you are giving your device to experts, but third-party repairers also offer the same services and expertise at comparatively lower prices. If your phone is still under warranty, you can avail of the manufacturer’s services, but they will fix only the manufacturing defects. Therefore, it is better to choose a local and authentic repair store to get the job done. 

  • Your smartphone can’t recover from water damage.

Water is a fatal enemy of electronic gadgets. They don’t go along, but you can fix your phone if you accidentally drop it in the water. Many people panic after dropping their phones in the water. They think that the damage cannot be fixed. That’s not true. All you need to do is turn it off if you want to fix it quickly. Remember, water is a conductor. If you don’t turn off your smartphone, it can cause a short circuit in your phone and fry all the components. Switching it off will prevent accidents like these. The next thing you must do is take out the SD and SIM card and try to dry out all the openings, including speakers, microphones, and charging ports, with a dry lint-free cloth. Get it checked by the best cell phone repair in Phoenix. Their technical experts will fix your problem and bring your phone back to life. 

  • The absorbent will save the phone.

The most tried and tested trick people use to dry their phones is rice and chia seeds. They absorb water as they have water-absorbent properties, but they take a lot of time, and the results are unsure. Most people cannot wait 24 hours for their phones to improve because they have jobs. When the rice and seeds start working, the water reaches the delicate and fragile parts of smartphones causing further damage to the tiniest components. 

  • You can fix your phone on your own.

Many individuals try to DIY on their phones to fix the issue. Before doing that, remember that the technicians in phone repair stores have years of experience in the repair field. No matter how many tutorial videos you watch, you can never match their level of skills. Don’t experiment with your mobile phone by DIYing it. Taking your smartphone to an authentic cell phone store is always better.

  • Repairs are expensive

Repairs are cheaper and more affordable than buying a brand-new device. The companies might tell you the opposite so that you’ll buy their expensive and over-priced gadgets but don’t fall for them. If you have dropped your phone, don’t decide to buy a new phone. Get it checked by a professional and ask about the damage done to it. If the damage is minor and can be fixed, don’t waste your money and prioritize the repairs. 

  • A cracked screen is no biggie.

Many people damage their phone screen and keep using the damaged screen without realizing that it can get serious damage. However, phone repair shop Phoenix says that if the shards of the broken screen are falling off, you must get it repaired without delay; otherwise, it will cause long-term damage like discoloration and dark and dead spots in the screen. 

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