How to Draw A Cartoon Llama

Cartoon Llama Drawing

How to Draw A Cartoon Llama. Llamas have become hugely popular recently, and it’s easy to see why! These weird and wonderful animals have unique looks and are cute and interesting.

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They also have fun and quirky personalities, and all of these aspects make drawing a cartoon llama fun! This guide you have in front of you aims to show you how you can learn how to draw one of these adorable woolly freaks while having a lot of fun.

How to Draw A Cartoon Llama

Step 1

In this tutorial on how to lure a cartoon llama, we depict a beautifully fluffy and woolly character.

We will draw the face and a smiling mouth with some simple, soft, curved lines, and we’ll also draw the woolly outlines for the head, neck, and chest.

This wool is drawn with many smaller curved lines to create that fluffy texture. With these areas drawn as they appear in our reference image, we can proceed to step 2!

Step 2

This double part of your cartoon llama illustration focuses on adding more outlines to the woolly neck and body.

Before we draw more of the neck, let’s add a simple ear first. This can be drawn as a simple oval shape with a wavy line running through it.

Then continue extending a ragged line from the ear, ending where the back will soon go.

Finally, for this step, we add the wool line for the body’s base and the back, and there are bigger bumps for the beginning of the legs and tail.

Step 3

Continuing with this design, let’s add the eye and back of this llama. For the back, we don’t use a frayed line as we used it for the rest of the body.

This is because there will be a smooth saddle on the back, which we will draw later.

The eye is marked as a simple little oval with a black dot inside. There will also be some wavy lines underneath and coming out the side.

Step 4

Now it’s time to add the legs and some extra details to the cartoon llama drawing in this fourth step. The legs are short, coming from the bumpy bits you added under the body.

They are drawn with a few smooth, curved lines, each with a small hoof at the bottom. Each hoof is also divided into two sections with a small vertical line.

Next, we’ll make this llama even more woolly by adding some simple curved lines all over its body.

We’re then ready to refine some final details in the next step of the guide!

Step 5

In this step of our tutorial on drawing a cartoon llama, you will add the finishing touches to the picture.

This also allows you to add some extra details to top it off!

Draw a Cartoon Llama

The final detail we need to add is a simple saddle on the llama’s back. This can be outlined with a simple curved line.

Next, we added a series of small lines that protruded from the outline, each with a small circle at the end. Finally, we drew rows of small dots along the lines that go through the saddle.

Once you’ve drawn this saddle, feel free to add some fun ideas and details! Adding more characters to this drawing or drawing a fun background.

Step 6

We’ll spend this last step of your cartoon llama design adding color to your creation. To start things off, we’ll use tan and beige colors for the llama’s woolly fur.

Cartoon Llama Drawing

You can use darker shading for specific areas to show where there is shading.

Then for the saddle, we used a darker blue with yellow and black polka dots to color it. Once you’ve added all of these colors, you’re done with your drawing!

Also, you can choose different colors than we used. They serve as an example to work with, but you can also use any other color you like to color them.

You can also play around with different art tools and mediums, so make sure you have fun experimenting while completing this cool drawing!

Your Cartoon Llama Drawing is Finished!